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  1. i see... you cannot connect to canopy? hmmm try this method go to control panel click network and internet connections click network connections and choose your lan modem and right click choose properties a new window will pop out uncheck everything except tcp/ip. and do the test again
  2. @iesnes hmm did you try putting satellite dish? i think that method is effective aand stable... @l3l21 hmm did you try color coding? what is your current speed?
  3. hahah!! nice1 so if there is no other method change your ISP.. can you open your canopy?
  4. i suggest to format your computer and start from scratch...
  5. tomorrow i will release a new way to increase the speed of internet
  6. hmmm its depend on your isp provider. wireless or line? try it maye it can help you.
  7. im glad that i help you!!! thanks!!!! post here if you have question and post your problem here maybe i can help you! i will update this soon as posible!! @hottestarcher yap you need you download it is virus free and this is where you can change tcp/ip limit
  8. hi been a long time!!!! not posting here in testmy (sorry for my bad english ) Thanks to COOLBUSTER formula for making my internet faster... 1. first of all follow the coolbuster formula.. 2.download the needed software ccleaner http://www.ccleaner.com/download cablenut http://www.download.com/CableNut/3000-2155_4-10060128.html tcp/ip patch http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads 3.use anti virus with less memory consumption. avg avira avast 4. use firewall (by using firewall its block the application to connect the internet that means few application connect to internet the more speed you will get according to my observation) comodo 5.follow my instruction. hehe thanks! A.after downloading the software above install ccleaner(after installing this software leave this first) then install cablenut and download the setting of coolbuster(i forgot where its located) then click tcp/ip by LvlLord.de after that a new window will pop...change 10 to 50 then click yes a new window will pop out click ignore or cancel. B.install anti virus and firewall note i know having firewall its irritating but we need this if you want. thats all!! post here if you have some problems.. i will updates this soon if i find something useful. note i don`t suggest using proxy it might store your personal info or can be view by other people its your choice if you want to use it.
  9. hmm that weird.... try to change the ip address to instead of and the subnet I hope this little solution help you in getting access to your canopy... btw is happen to me that i cannot find my canopy ip address.... in the command window it show the mac address of canopy instead the ip address.... this problem is the same yours?
  10. Accesing the CANOPY web page Follow these step; 1. turn off your proxy in your Internet Explorer 2. change the ip address in Network Connections Start > Control Panel > Network Connections after that right click on Loacal Area Connection and press properties in the General tab look for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then click properties after that you will see a new window then click Use the following IP address in the IP address type in the Subnet mask type leave the Default gateway blank. press ok 3.getting the ip address of your canopy at the command prompt type arp -a Start > Run > type cmd > type arp -a in command window you will see a IP address of your canopy write it down or memorize it. if doesn`t work try to restart your PC then try again the step number 3. after getting your IP address open the Internet Explorer then type the ip address of your canopy in the search bar then you can access it now..... I hope this little guide help you to access your Canopy page.. btw im sorry about my poor english... Tell me if Doesn`t work.. so that i will find another solution. ~Renovation~
  11. its because of the proxy server that why you have that connection... try again without using proxy and open DNS... let see the real connection....
  12. Goodbye derek22x nice having you in the forum and thanks to the advise that you given to me!!
  13. to enzobaby you need to buy a new mouse sorry for that... hey derek wats up it been a long time huh!! @enzo your welcome! @coolbuster atlast i made it!!! wuhoooo it became 400 kbps again after a long hours!!!! wuhooo thanks for helping me!!! i have a question it is ok to reallign my antenna??
  14. coolbuster tnx i will try it.. @enzobaby maybe there is a spyware in your pc... or your mouse is malfunctioned... did you try it on other PC?
  15. welcome enzobaby!! troubleshoot a mouse? why whats happening in your mouse? ahmm coolbuster i have a unstable connection sometimes 150 sometimes 350.... im tired of finding the solution do you have a solution there btw how to configure the sgtcp optimizer? Thanks hey enzo can you post your DL speed here? i hope we help you..
  16. im soory i don`t know that..thanks for helping me.. sorry
  17. prees Print Scrren in you keyboard on the upper right after that go to paint then press edit then click paste...
  18. to enzobaby i think you don`t need to use that toolbar and search protection if you have a anti virus or anti malware... and also can you post a list of your program here so that they can see what program that you don`t need. about winpatrol go to start up program and take a screenshot and post it here so that we can see that running in your windows that you don`t need. Thanks
  19. hi Coolbuster i have a problem in my connection when you`re watching on youtube do you need to wait for it? of buffer it before you can watch? btw which is better to have DNScache enable or disable? Thanks i can boot up my now pc now faster as i want hehehe
  20. Thanks coolbuster!!!! your winpatrol is a great tool to speed up our computer thanks for giving this information to us! btw there is a new update??to speed up our internet connection in smartbro?l like new setting new program and new TECHNIQUE? Thanks!! this forum is great!!! thanks guys who help me in the past
  21. OVERCLOCKING IS NOT RECOMENDED unless you have a aircon in your house but still not recomended because of high temp. to coolbuster do you know how to boot faster? thanks!! FDC is release? there is a new update to speed up smartbro?? Thanks in advance
  22. hey tamie77 try this on network conncetion properties tcp/ip change it to DNS run cmd type arp -a then get the ip its like yours but i edit something hope this will help to you...
  23. i cannot understand can you please explain to me in a cleraly way. thanks please iwant to know abiut it thanks. what is the purpose of 1x and 2x?
  24. so that mean 8400gs is better than 7300gt? geez i watse my money after all. damn salesman. he recommend that video card to me.. but is has a SLI do you think is that enough? tnx for the info
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