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  1. Now I upgraded to FF3...FF keeps on telling me to do so...you're right though, it is.
  2. I've read that one of the changes made in Yuri's Revenge is that the main menu is fixed with the resolution 800x600. But still I am wondering if there is still a way to change it because I can barely see what's on the left side of the screen. Although everything is fine when in-game, it still bothers me as to how the main menu looks like. Here are some of the things I tried that I've found on other forums: 1. I tried changing the resolution in the ra2md.ini file under to 1024x768 but it still looks the same. 2. I tried the messing with the compatibility mode (I checked compatibility with Windows 2000 and run under 640x480 resolution) 3. I tried typing HIRES in the main menu...still no. Thank you in advance.
  3. I have a video with subtitles but without the subtitle file. I can view the subtitles using VLC by enabling it under the menu Video-->Subtitle Track-->English. I want to permanently put it there but since I don't have its subtitle file I can't merge it. Is there a way to get the subtitle file from it
  4. Oh I see...so that's why. Thanks for the info! (Uhh...can this thread be closed now or something? I already got a good answer.)
  5. Finally solved it...now the site displays correctly. I didn't do what you said about AdBlock plus but instead I tried visiting at a different time. Maybe it was really about the heavy use. I deleted all the temporary internet files using disk cleanup. I don't know if this worked but I did it anyway and after that it was displaying ok already. But still, thanks for your help. Now I know the reason/s why the site looks like that at times.
  6. I'm using Firefox as my browser (Firefox 2 to be exact) and there are some sites that look wrong every time I visit them. One site is www.gamefaqs.com: It doesn't display all the uh...pictures or uh...shapes and stuff... The site always looks incomplete no matter how many times I reload/refresh it. Another site is www.deviantart.com: It doesn't load correctly at all. The background is white (which is supposedly not). And uh...well I can't describe any further... I tried to attach a screenshot for you to see how it looks like...(I don't know if its attached though) What are the possible reasons why do these site look wrong sometimes?
  7. I got this error message when I tried to open my Yahoo! Messenger: CLayoutEngine-Tooltip: YMSGR_~1.EXE - Application Error Instruction at "0x1002cfe2" referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program Then after that when I double click the shortcut icon of yahoo messenger it never opens... I tried opening it in its location but its no use. I tried re-installing it but its no use. I tried to restart my computer then installing but its no use either. I tried to repair it but it displays a dialog box to enter the pathname to the installation file and I don't know what to enter there. I tried to download a different installer and an installer for a newer version but the same error appears when the installation is about to complete. >> Application Error What does this mean and what should I do to make my messenger work again? Thanks!
  8. Oh I see...but it doesn't finish...
  9. I'm download a torrent and when it reaches about 99.9% it decreases back to 99.0%. On the general tab, the size downloaded from the torrent/file is already more than the size I'm downloading but it's still not 100%. The size of the torrent/file I'm downloading is 700MB. But the size downloaded in the general tab is about 1GB. For those who experienced this kind of situation what did you do? What suggestion can you tell me to do? Thanks!
  10. I'm using Bit Torrent, so you're saying I should change the port?
  11. Every time I finish downloading a torrent I transfer the file to a different folder...so I can't seed anymore. What should I do to seed once I transfer the file? Please give me instructions...thanks.
  12. Maybe because of the number of peers...? Or maybe because of the bandwidth of the peers...? Sometimes that happens to me too...
  13. All settings are fine...nothing I changed and what's Canopy?
  14. I will connect using my 3g phone how? I'm in um...well you know what I use. - Use the SIM in my um...(sorry I dunno what that small thing you connect is called) is that it?
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