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  1. sorry don't know how to post image. http://www.speedtest.net/result/236252514.png
  2. so firefox 3 still has some bugs huh??? and is the result here in speedtest.com reliable??? http://www.speedtest.net/result/236252514.png' alt='236252514.png'>
  3. Yeah I hope FDC will be much improve version of the 20 steps... and can I ask if the parabolic dish can boost the RSSI because I'm planning to buying one and I saw something in the net that there is another guy who is selling his sendfar antenna... what do you think??
  4. but this the speed I got after setting a static ip I can also download file in download accelerator plus at 100kb/s. but my utorrent is on average 40-50 kb/s how can we make the yellow triangle like CB has on his??? I have read some threads to other forums that we cannot but if you request you ISP to enable it they can... better call them :knuppel2:
  5. Just want to post my speed here and ask a question regarding static ip because when I enable or make my ip adress static via TCP/ip setting it makes my downloads fast but when i browse the net it lags but not much. F3BM7Y002
  6. the hardest thing in tweaking and the worst possible scenario that could happen is misconfiguration to the point that you can no longer access your SM via even you try the, it happened to me once then I have read a thread about a default plug since you need to buy it what I did is I soaked the plug into a glass of water and it worked stupid me and made a mistake again and now even the glass of water did work this time I have decided to went to my roof remove the strings of wire attached in my pole of canopy and then unplug and plug the cable while my brother was checking if it was working.... ha it went back since then what I did is always right down the steps so I can backtrack it. now here is my speed during so called prime time 7pm
  7. I just want to share my result when I followed coolbuster's tweaks dharan!!!! I wish he could come up with how to make the yelow triangle in utorrent go green that can be a great help and also want to thank him for making may money paying smart worth it!
  8. I just want to post my score after following some tweaks here created by coolbuster. You make my money paying smartbro worth it thanks.
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