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  1. Yea. It's not really that stressful for me. Just like, come on. And, I have tried that, I tried that and it takign the battery out and just plugging the phone in and it just starts the loop up. So right now I'm just gonna let it run the loop until the battery is dead because I have nothing better to do.
  2. I realize this may have no validity on a forum dedicated to computers but it's worth a shot. Since this Tuesday (February, 19th) my phone has been acting weird. I realize it has been one day but the run down has been quick. On Tuesday I left my phone at home in the morning at 7:00. I believe it ran out of batteries and died although I could be wrong. Once I got home at 5:00 I searched my pants pocket to call my mother to let her know I was home. I discovered it was off and did not panic. Upon turning it on I noticed the interface was rather sluggish. After calling I turned it off and back on and it worked fairly well. Well today, Wednesday (February, 20th), I picked the phone up and expected to use it for the music capability only to have it say "MUSIC PLAYER INITIALIZING. TRY AGAIN LATER." I guessed I might as well try again later and trudged off to the bus (7:00). Later (Around 11:00) I tried and got the same message. I turned my phone off and on, this is where things get glitchy. It was stuck in a boot screen loop. Not the actual turning on, but the boot into the interface. I decided it was just funky and put it away. I got home (5:00) and try to use it to find it reacting VERY sluggishly, taking upwards of 30 seconds to recognize one command. I close the phone to cancel all commands so as to not overload. Once closed I get the novel idea of using the exterior method of opening the music player, I hold down the center button. It stays on the clock that shows up when closed. I open it and the clock stays on the screen whereas it should change. I turn the phone off and wait about 10 seconds before powering it back up. Upon turning on it is stuck in a turn on turn off loop. During the On phase an error message appeared, Error Log and something with Flash, I neglected to write the message down in absence of mind. I flipped the phone over removed the battery and waited a meager 15 seconds before replacing it and restarting the phone only to have the loop return without the error message. It turns on for about 1 second then turns off for about a second. I would say the on/off times are parallel. My Phone is the Samsung Juke, nothing too special about it. Model Number - SCH-U470
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