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  1. left 4 dead is a sick game, just got it yesterday, ooooohhhhhhhh so good
  2. Good shit, it would be nice if our techs thought like that
  3. WOW thats a shame, usally i find issues with the subs more than anything, the funny part about this is its easy as hell to install the systems, there should be no reason to chop up peoples walls to run cables, now granted sometimes your gonna have a hole or 2,
  4. None taken, i know and freeley admit it, those techs do you know if they were direct techs or subcontractors, Oh yeah if you guys need help with your dish system just shoot me a message fridays and saturdays arent good though,
  5. Yeah im gonna have to agree on that one, i work for dishnetwork and ive seen some crappy installs,
  6. Why thank you, my nieces are something else its a night and day difference between them, i think that was the last time i wore a tux to
  7. Ok i can't put the pictures up but heres a link to them http://wcccmacworld.com/sandy/web_project/family.html check out the grandkids,
  8. How old is your sister, i know there are certain toys that you connect to the net that will use alot of bandwidth, ie webkins, also whose your provider
  9. Ok thanks, i should know that the majority of my family works in mills,
  10. Not to sound stupid, but whats a mill wright
  11. No problem, i was reading the posts before i was actually a member and it's partly because of the post's i decided to join,
  12. Yeah they post some good shit, plus they know there tech stuff as well, not to kiss ass but tm wouldn't be the same without them, oh can't forget about tdawn and tommie gorman got love for you 2 as well,
  13. I like them i grew up on a farm but my friends are city folk,
  14. Ok my bad it was a typo, trust me i hope it doesn't snap
  15. Yeah you guys will definitely find out whats going on, can't wait to go bungee jumping, just hope my fat ass does snap the cord
  16. I do but i dont think the guys would go for that,
  17. Oh i will its the first vacation since like 98, theres like 10 of us going down to visit a friend, no girlfriends going, cannot wait, yeah one of us is probably gonna end up in jail, aint gonna be me though,
  18. My 98 firebird is realy bad too, ahhhhh the sacrifice for driving nice cars
  19. Speaking of vacation, im going to north carolina in june, anybody know some places to check out down there, im planning myrtle beach and outer banks,
  20. Shug your such a noob, sorry i had to
  21. Didnt think about that, but something has to be done,
  22. So there's supposed to be a gas strike on friday may 2, dont think alot of people are going to pay attention but it would be nice, so if you can don't buy gas on friday please try to do this something needs to be done
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