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  1. t1wireless. I am not a computer person by any means but my nephew has set up a wireless service in town and I am connected to it on 2.4, they say it is line of sight, if you can see the light on top of the tower you can get a signal. I know he has people hooked up that are ten miles away from the tower. Hope this helps.
  2. I am new to this forum so I hope this isn,t out of line. I have used this site to test my speed for a couple of weeks, since I got wireless internet and love it. Now for my weird problem which started after my provider was down several times in the last few days, I,ve got to give him a break because he is getting up and running. I have been having good service and love the faster speed after being on dial-up for several years. After the outage every thing is back to normal allmost, There are two sites that are acting strange, one is this one, when I click on my bookmark for this page it loads on the speed test screen almost instantly but when I click in the space that says "download speed test" it hangs and takes about thirty seonds for the next screen to appear. When I finaly do run my test it shows good speed. The other one is Mozillazine.net fourms takes about thirty seconds to load and any topic I click on is the same, about thirty seconds to load. All other sites that I visit, and I surf a lot of them, all load in what seems like an instant even some that are large like the NWS doppler radar sites when I loop them for motion. I have tried everything I know, which isn't very much such as trying difrerent browsers, Firefox my primary, IE, and Opera, all with the same results. I have all the spyware checkers and anti-virus like I am supposed to and have checked and every thing comes up clean. Is it possible this would be something that happened on my providers end like if I happened to be connected to one of the sites at the time he went down? Just trying to find an answer. By the way I am the one they wrote the book computing for dummys for.
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