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  1. :::.. Download Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 21338 Kbps or 21.3 Mbps Download Speed Test Size:: 31.6 MB or 32384 kB or 33161216 bytes Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 2667 kB/s or 2.7 MB/s Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Version 14 Just testing out my new AT&T connection. Not too bad considering it's like 2200 feet from the house. And what I'm paying..? It's AT&T, I'm paying too much..! Anyway....HELLO EVERYONE!
  2. Merry Christmas

    Ty Mudman! Yes been a while. Still kickin' !! Love to my TMN fam!!!
  3. Merry Christmas

    Whatever it is you celebrate this season, enjoy!!!! Love to all family and friends!! Peace
  4. ewww, thats just too creepy. Couldn't they have fixed her veiny hands? The look like the Crypt Keepers whithered hands.
  5. >>>>Oh my,I'm shocked.....<<<<<< .......
  6. Is this really why I am fat?

    What do you think the Nutrition label reads?
  7. Mandatory H1N1 (swine flu shots)

    So Shug, what is the standard treatment for this flu? Is there anything they can do? They're making it seem like not.

    She don't need to know any fifth grade trivia just get her in a porn, stat!
  9. searching on CMD

    you can look at the files when once in the windows box type dir or dir/p. I'd be very careful about trying to delete anything. And I don't think this is the screen to use anyway. Hopefully someone with way more know how than I will tell you better information.
  10. Might be better off buying a new system aislam, really. Check newegg, they have some good bare bone system deals. Welcome and stick around, these folks will help you out, they are the shit!
  11. You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop

    Tommie, it's "Git-r-done". Who are you, Tommie the Cable guy now? Nice post Cok! Love it!
  12. NKorea launches rocket, defying world pressure

    Don't count on much happening. No way China or Russia lets anything to harsh pass. They'll veto in a heartbeat. Hey mud, cheer up man.
  13. Name the song and provide the next lyric

    Well Daly did put out a record, I think it sold a few copies....
  14. Happy Birthday Aggr3

    Happy Birthday man!!! Here's your gift..........ME!!!
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