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  1. I paid for a ground mounted pole and started with the 6000 and was "upgraded" to a 7000 when we had problems with chipmonks eating through the RG-6 cable. I tolerated the FAP reduction and high bills to get 1Mip downloads and even got up early to do some FAP free surfing, but I refused to pay for a new $350+ ground installation when the Hughes-installed pole rusted through and fell over last fall. Their tech support became increasingly worthless as the years progressed and sent out an independant installer to "re-aim" the dish lying on the ground. No backing from Hughes on the original
  2. I still can't get to the DW6000 thru IE, but I should have mentioned that the "rain fade" screen looked new. Must have been a background upgrade? It showed up in IE and had a "click here for more info" link that took me to the standard basic modem menu. Haven't been able to get back to it since. I even bookmarked when it came up. Oh well, everything else is working.
  3. I'm sticking with the DW6000 for now. Your historical speeds don't look too bad. Any more recent tests to post?
  4. My wife called tech support a week ago on our unit. We had the wrong proxy ip address in IE, it changed back to 192.XX. Speeds are back up across the board. I do some limited P2P w/ utorrent. Was averaging 125k D/L yesterday morning during the FAP free hours on my DW6000 (20 to 25k U/L). It has essentially given us that speed from 2004'ish when we bought it. I did notice a burst speed for a second evey two minutes; the speed would drop down to 50k then spike to nearly 200k and settle back to 125k. utorrent has a run time speed monitor. I do not have the proxy server option checked
  5. Sort of the same with my DW6000. The unit is working but I can not log onto the box anymore using Called Hughes tech support this weekend and found out that the proxy IP we were using had reverted back to the original. Web pages back up to a normal crawl rather timing out, but still can't get to the box. I know that I could get on it a week ago, I checked it for signal strength during some "rain fade".
  6. I have setup ports two ways: (1) thru the Windows printer, Preferences, Ports, Add Ports option. There are two choices, HP TCP/IP and Standard TCP/IP. Do you mean not to use the HP option when you are referring to "generic card"? Did I mention I'm using the external 3 parrallel port version, the Jet Direct EX Plus 3? I can't seem to enter just the IP of the box when I install a printer since it has multiple ports. I have to do it after the install as described above. (2) The other utility I use is HP's Install Network Printer Wizard (INPW). We use it at work all of the time. I
  7. Pretty sure I was able to "fix" it. Some additional searching found quite a bit of discussion on HP's website. Why it didn't spring up earlier, hmmm? XP SP2 and HP's Jet Direct don't play well together. The suggestion / solution was to remove Service Pack 2 and reinstall the port and printer driver. I have not yet reinstalled SP2, but both printers are up and running again. My "fix" this evening comes after my wife being on the phone with DirecWay for 1.5 hours and also with Microsoft for another 2. Microsoft tried their best and even conferenced called in HP, who basically said the
  8. HELP, I've had a home network up and running over a year now. The system is a D-Link 10/100 8-port switch (hub), a DW6000, a PC w/ XP Home - SP2 and a HP Jet Direct J25593A EX Plus 3 with a HP 4L on Port 1 and HP 1100C on Port 2. Nothing has a static IP, I let the DW6000 assign IP addresses: is the DW6000, used to be the Jet Direct and was the PC,
  9. Sounds like a nice utility. Being a cautious torrent user, I have always limited myslelf to one 10k/s download and maximized my upload setting. I'm an early morning person, and it's pretty nice to see some rare AM uploads hitting nearly 25k/s to maintain my share ratio. Yep, 25k/s sustained for a few hours. The FAP and the ISP proxy are the real bummers. Everyone crabs about how come I'm firewalled and how easy it is to open a port. No such luck. Your only satisfaction with DWay is during the last 100Mb of torrent D/L when you can maximize the D/L speed to unlimited and see that file sc
  10. Broadband over the electric grid is HERE!!!!!
  11. Wow, something I never paid much attention too. I often check forums during lunch at work. Even if I paid for a static address from Direcway for my home, that would be a different IP. Now that I think about it, my previous dial-up accounts didn't handout static IP either, they drew from a similar bank of numbers like Direcway does. If the moderator is that hung up, you might as well avoid the forum. I get the impression there'd be a similar tone to the moderation from any postings.
  12. I'm going to have to go with the "I don't know" response on this one. I thought I saw something on these guys a while back; I thought they supplemented the sat connection with dialup.
  13. Well, well, DirecWay final adopted a spam filter: MX Logic's Spam Quarantine.
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