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  1. As far as gmail is concerned, It is googles baby, so to speak. It comes as a package deal. As for the 3am to 6am downloads, who the heck is up at that hour? Kind of stupid for hughesnet to throw that tidbit in. They know that the mass majority, downloads at prime daylight and evening hours. I can talk on my nextel cell phone to just about anywhere in the us for free after 9:30PM, but guess what? I am in bed at 10PM, and I can't think of anybody to call, in that half hour. It's just a "we'll give you a poochy scarf, even though you don't have a pooch" deal. I would be frustrated too, bu
  2. Be patient with them. Whenever a major merge is executed, there are bound to be issues. It's a very complex transition, or merge.. I am an IT professional and know that these things can happen. There is a grunch of data that usually is migrated and unknowns can surface and ruffle feathers everywhere. A typical pop and smtp setting might be pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com or pop.mail.com and smtp.mail.com. It all depends on how they configure it. I'm sure they will iron it all out. Have you looked at the FAP at hughesnet? It's not good how they structured it. If you download
  3. I don't use either. I use hotmail and yahoo. No glitches that way.
  4. They must not know what the pop and smtp settings are, (have they told you what those settings are?) or they are not configured at the server properly. I use webmail, and have never dealt with their email.
  5. I dropped Hughesnet because they are to expensive, and their FAP really needs an overhaul. You couldn't download a movie without being cut down in speed. With wildblue, it's a 30 day floating period. hughesnet will cut down your speed if you exceed 200MB in any given day on the cheapest package. Wildblue allows 7.5GB per month, on their cheapest package, and they don't cut down your speed until you exceed 7.5GB within a floating 30 day period. Makes more sense to me. And just remember, no matter who you go with, the satellite data pipe can only take so much input, which is why they have a
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