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  1. No, I'm not kidding. You are correct, I cannot get dialup. Landline service is beyond deplorable.. cant carry on a simple voice conversation without being beat to death by static crackles and pops. I've ditched the landline and use my cellular. However, I am roaming where I live..but thats what voicemail is for. I'll call you back when I go into town. Either way, I'm still getting service levels that outrun anything I could get on dialup, even with a perfect quality line. Besides.. when you figure in $30 for dialtone, and $15 for IP, the $4 (cheaper) difference isnt worth the lower speeds. And thats before taxes and unfees are figured in. Until my service degrades beyond the point where dialup would provide more bandwidth, I can say that I am satisfied with the service, and would still recommend it to anyone else that is in a similar situation. I move a lot of data, and even though it takes me a bit longer to do so at these lower bitrates, at least I can keep doing it without being locked down with a silly FAP that DirecWay users experience.
  2. Sux that T7 isnt much better. I'm still on GE4, and will continue to be till I decide to end my relationship with Starband when I get my wireless venture off the ground again. I've been out of contract for two years now..just been be-bopping along. This is the best out of 4 back to back tests: :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 187 Kbps about 0.2 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Download Speed is:: 23 kB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Tue Apr 05 2005 09:39:46 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) Bottom Line:: 3X faster than 56K 1MB download in 44.52 sec Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 33.75 % of your hosts average (starband.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-S0CTU342A Speeds have been averaging 190-250kbps for the last couple of weeks now. I've got no problem with the slow speeds.. I just have a problem with the tremendous lack of communication on Starband's part. Rumors fly, but theres never any word on whats true. I'd still recommend SB over DWay any day..
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    Show me where you're getting this information. I've seen plenty of rumors posted in various places, but no facts. I'm still on GE4, cluster 4, and have been told by several folks at SB that my account will not be affected and GE4 will continue to be operational. So I've been neutral in this mess...
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