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  1. I am struggling to get a download speed from this site due to the interaction of the 'larger file' function and ATT's gateway/proxy. This site has a nice feature, use next larger file size, which has been a plus in the past. I have used this site in the past on earlier phones which I have owned. Currently, the combination of this and ATT inability causes me to not get any result due to ATT's settings. This problem started in March, when I was successfully using the down and Uploads to survey my new phonesabilities and the suddenly stronger signal strength ( new cell tower ?). I was getting 2.5 to 3.2 MB downloads on week. The next I was getting an error message from ATT. Failed getting Media Technical description: Content Error m- the requested file was too large for the conversikon in the Gateway/Proxy. If I start at 1MB or 1.5MB this site will use the next larger file until it is satisfied with the accuracy. Generally I would need a 3MB file to get a good result,but this trips their limit. Anyone else able to duplicate this anomaly? Lou
  2. In firefox, if you have a add-on called CacheViewer, AND you recognize the time of the download, you can look through the cache and save it out with the proper extension.
  3. tmp

    Cingular Edge/HSDPA

    Class 10 or class 12 talks about the GSM-GPRS class call. The network will dynamically adjust up to the maximimum based upon network loading. this is out of the users control. I dont have my 3GPP documents with me but the class difference is 10-20% change. A HSDPA call does not have a similar designation since 3G is considerably different transport.
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