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  1. Well, I finally fixed it. I contacted shaw and got my cisco router/modem disconnected. I re-enabled my old motorola surfboard with my overclocked Linksys WRT54G V2.2 with DD-WRT and 9Dbi antennas. Now check out my tests. Shaw has this package called Broadband 50, I signed up for the "upgrade" from my 25Mbps Extreme package. On speedtest.net, the broadband50 always shows up @50Mbps, even though was as slow as molasses, proven by speed tests here. I just "downgraded" back to my previous package of "Extreme" 25Mbps, and speedtest.net now shows 25Mbps, but I can actually see my internet speed is a million times better. As proven by speed tests here. Thanks all for your assistance. Heeter
  2. Okay will do later when I get back home. Thanks mudmanc4, Heeter
  3. I have been using Dallas only. Never actually noticed that there was a choice until yesterday. DAllas Only Thanks Mudmanc4 Heeter
  4. Update: Well I tried my 2 Intel pci NIC cards, they did constantly register approx 400 Mbps better than the onboard Realtek. I located on the intel website some up to date drivers. I installed them, to no avail. I tried testmy.net speed test with my CR48 Chromebook wireless through my "N" router. I am getting than same speed as my wired desktop (1Mbps - 1.4Mbps). Now I go to speedtest.net. Go figure, I am getting nearly 50MBps. Just like the package I am paying for (Shaw's Broadband 50 Package). Just going to have to be happy with this setup, I guess. Heeter
  5. Yeah, The Realtek is a gig NIC. Or so it pretends to be................... I located some drivers for it Here, So hopefully it can make a difference. I will still try the Intel's too. Heeter
  6. Nah, Haven't messed with the TCP settings on the workstation. I have changed the DNS settings on the router to OpenDNS address, that has helped too. Later today, I will try out one of those cards, then I will issue a manual IP address to it, see how that goes. This is not a fresh install, This was a fresh install way back when LinuxMint introduced the Debian Edition (Last year sometime, I think) Heeter
  7. Thanks Ca3le, It has been a while. You know how life is............ Well I do have an Intel 1000 GT and an Intel 1000 Pro laying around here. Would any of those net me better results? Heeter
  8. [email protected] ~ $ dmesg | grep 'Ethernet driver' [ 2.137856] r8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver 2.3LK-NAPI loaded [email protected] ~ $ The network card is a RealtekĀ® 8112L Gigabit LAN onboard of my MB. Heeter
  9. Hey all, Wondering about this. I setup a test. I took my Linux workstation (LinuxMint11Debian Edition) and ran several download tests. Averaged out approx. 1.3Mbps. I took the same workstation and put in a new hard drive and installed Windows7. Averaged out approx 2.2Mbps. Same Modem, Router, Cat6 cable, Workstation (except for HD), Chrome 14 browser (Chrome 14 for both, not Chromium) Why the difference? Linux network card drivers? Shouldn't be, or can it? Heeter
  10. Heeter

    Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    So, my ISP is selling me a package up to 15 Mbps (Shaw Cable - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), it is not even close with testmy.net, should I be concerned. Should I be raising a stink? A long time ago, I pinned them on the fact that they optimize their results on a java script for windows. I use Linux which showed completely different results. At one point, I tested one machine with 2 different hard drives ( one with Vista, other with Debian). I would test with the windows Vista HD in the machine, I would get the speeds that my ISP promised. Then I would boot from the debian Hard Drive from the same machine, and it would be about half. The ISP tech admitted that the javascript on their own speedtester site was optimized for windows machines. Thanks for detailed response, CA3LE, TDAWNAZ Heeter
  11. Hi all, Wondering what is the difference between speed test sites. I test with testmynet, then speedtest.net at the results are not even in the same ballpark. Even though speedtest.net selects a speed test server in my city, This is still the internet, and the results should be a lot more comparable. Speedtest.net speed 24Mbps download/ Testmy.net speed 2.4Mbps download. Thanks all, Heeter
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