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  1. To rise above the earth , through the clouds of life , and touch the sun is something very special in life . Most folk fly , some treasure it , there is a difference , as James would understand, For me put me 20ft up a ladder I have fear in my heart , put me in a aircraft at 10K feet. I feel free of worldly fears , I guess the angel complex ?, Anyway RIP James a truly great guy From a brother flyboy ,
  2. Fat a$$ spider packin' it's lunch

    mudmanc , you should have posted a warning on spider pic posts , uk members are are easily startled , looks like it's related to the false black widow , we now have them in the UK ( climate change ? ) , but no highly deadly black tarantulas yet
  3. The ODD worldwide News

    the USA wins again http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7xwl9uh9v9k
  4. Funny Stuff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?feature=player_embedded&v=VRgQaOOZRo4 I know that feeling well but I get to feel this way often these days, like the last dog I woke up in a hotel in Germany ( working ) thought I had over slept and ran into the en-suite door , it was 4 AM at the time , a classic case of getting outside of the bed on the wrong side , or maybe too much schnapps the night before ? ,but like the first puppy , my head often hit the desk top at tech UNI ,
  5. pimp my ride

    WOW , the Harley would stop traffic in the UK , Bikes I luv them , so you tour on a bike breathing the air , the car is like watching google earth street view image in the lounge IMHO .my one regret in life is packing up bikes too early ( family pleadings ) they didn't want me to die young ,…so I relented and took up Glider flying , Ha Ha P,s if your interested in a Citroen 2cv avoid the UK's right hand drive versions , it just adds complications for those that drive on the wrong side of the road ,and bear in mind to own one, it puts you into a sub set of the human race, you will then crave the Parisian boulevardcappuccino society and the “whatever” mentality and free love stuff, and that can become addictive , and require expensive rehab, IMHO btw anyone in the states seriously thinking of a Citroen 2CV , I would say don’t beyond the rust gremlin in acar that is at lest 23 years old the servicing schedule is cruel , oil change every 300O miles and the the grease gun at 1,l500 miles +,put the front air intake Muff ( cover ) off & on +-at 50 F ( what’s a grease gun ? ) , it isn’t a car it’s a chore ,you love the bitch or don’t , me I guess I am a masochist , I just luv getting all dirty and hitting my thumb with a hammer in a remote dark cold damp workshop ,it’s my second most enjoyed Perversion , don’t ask the first , that’s a secret between me and Tdawnaz ,
  6. Who?

    Canadian cousins Doh , only kidding I love them to bits , as Ca3le says ( my take )this site has endless deep corners, I have often posted and said "Doh" , just shows how Americanized I have become , normaly I would have said , oh dear I have just made a fool of myself , indeed Doh saves keybord stokes ,
  7. Hi All from Mike in the UK

    good evening Michael ? , or Hi M8 from Biggles UK , I am intrigued by a UK Sat connection. v. rare in the UK, Seen a lot of 56k dialup ,adsl, fibre. Fttc ,Ftth but never Sat , that is totally new to me , please post more details , But I guess TMN is the right place for Sat questions , and never did me any harm only good from dial up through to Fibre to the cabinet ,
  8. Funny Stuff

    A bit more Brit humour , BTW we ain't racist , no way man ! in fact we love the chinese , they are so meek , edit to change link as the BBC thinks our humour is not ready for world release just yet ,
  9. OOOH tin foil hat is so out of fashion today (2013 ) , so yesterday, its last year duckie , today its surf board boots to avoid sink holes , and those magalmanic eyes bothlers me some , Just a obsevation from me , LOL my pic from my out of date passport still stands , but I now dye my hair silver to make me look distinguished ,and the glasses add to the retired professor look , it works, I am constantly besieged by 60+ widows seeking a guy to fix household appliances , the alure is a hot home cooked dinner , it never fails on me ,
  10. TiP Measurement Summary

    Dammit ,I guess I got to move to Singapore , but then maybe Singapore is v. close to Dallas , ? just guesing on that , being there is so much Chinese stuff in America , LOL ( Brit humour strikes again ) Just been Testing with my Brit Telecom ISP , using my rock solid 40 X8 conection to TMN Amsterdam Netherlands ,( 300 miles ) repetedly gives. 2.9 down 6 up , while a download from M/soft USA gives 4.4 , and a dreaded Flash test to Kansk USSR (3000 miles) gives 29.8 down 4 up , local UK, admitedly flash tests, gives me 37.5 X 8.2 , to be honest I have given up speed testing full stop , too many varibles IMHO . BTW Pgoodwin, from memory TIP stands for "trouble in paradise ," maybe I am wrong on that ?
  11. pimp my ride

    lol, clean it guys Pimp UK is a controller of prostitues ,(Hookers USA ? ) how about some car/ bike pics , always welcome from me , I am still running my old 1975 Citroen , but for the first time in winter storage , but will be back on the UK road 1st of March . now to valuable to risk snow accidents, but as day to day runaround I am using a ugly GM agila , and paying the price on the crap fuel consumption, but it was a cheap buy S/H and does the job , but too boring to drive full time it's a tin top, totaly useless on the 3 days of UK summer , Ha Ha my ride at the moment the GM/Vauxhall/Opel /Suzuki ,Agila MPV , it's saving grace is it's easy to park in London city ,and has a decent heater , but lacks the important man and machine soul , it make driving like watching a video in the lounge , from memory someone here had a Brit triumph M/c , ? . well I guess somebody had to buy one .
  12. Thanks for the test result , bit confused by you sig results on your 50/10 , as Iose about 28% across the atlantic pipe to the centeral tmn server, but that has improved recently , for a while it was giving me 4 Mb on my 40/8 connection but I had noticed the hops had gone from 16 to near 25, I figured it was a routing problem , oddly enough my up stays a constant 7 ish , seems a odd BT fttc ( british telecommunication) thing , great on upload , for another $4 I could have 80x20 uncapped , but would be wasted on me ,but I do have a cap of 40 Gb a month never got near that so far , later this year i got 160/40 availible for extra $ , still uneeded by me . but will wait as BT up's the speed ,already my 40/8 is unlisted for sale , I figure I will get upgraded to 80/20 for free , but then I was around when my 128Kb got a free upgrade to 512 Kb , and I though that was a 1/4 mile record breaking speed .
  13. Farewell tour ?

    Odd title , and hopefully not just yet . I guess we have all travelled some , I believe Americans move more than most ?, well I was been born with itchy feet ,and have travelled most of Europe , ( work ) been living in SW London for 20 years too long , nice enough place to live and has a lot going for it ,but I got the urge to move on , I think in need a vacation just to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, I am getting the strong urge to go “home” again , http://www.jersey.com/English/Pages/default.aspx Maybe it’s just the winter blues and the continuous bloody rain in England ? UK friends call me “the gypsy” only truly happy when his wheels are rolling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnbiRDNaDeo, heck me and Lee Marvin even sing ? the same way , and these quotes are true for me , Robert Louis Stevenson quotation, from Virginibus Puerisque, 1881: "Little do ye know your own blessedness; for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, Taoist saying - "The journey is the reward." and also the Pagan belife ,life is the journey , use it wisely ,once the journey has ended you become a spectator...... ( a tree etc ?) Anyone else got that hobo feeling ? , If so where to ? Or even a favourite holiday ? (vacation USA ) destination And another “or” when I win the lottery , I guess I am asking do you have a dream you are willing to share ?
  14. That ain’t nerdy . well maybe jnr grade nerdy , or a tight git , if so join the clan Assuming nerdy can apply to other things not just computers , I am still digging out black grease and grime from under the finger nails from last week , I am sure the frigging stuff reproduces overnight ! But today to add some colour to the digits ,I refilled my old Epson 760 printer,Or should I say tried to , this insanity got triggered by being given a universal re-fill kit ,well the syringe look useful) , result multi coloured fingers and ink blots on the all wool Wilton lounge carpet , to cap that the printer has 2 red and 1 green light flashing It’s just sitting there doing zilch , to add to the pain ,I had just ordered 12 cartridges for it (they arrive tomorrow ) Doh . After a beer or 2 , I have decided , why not scrap the old Epson ,and just run my Canon Photo printer , it hasn’t been used this year , Dirt under the finger nails ? , well being of a nervous disposition* I used to bite my nails as a kid , well heck they never had dirt under them back then , maybe that’s the answer ? * LOL I think I was a nerd ahead of my time , The carpet ? believe it or not I went to college to learn textile care , ( for museum stuff ) = my tip for ordinary printer ink spills , sponge up the worst , blot it with kitchen paper towel , repeat if necessary, once the worst has gone wet it and cover it with a layer of Talc , have a beer and go to bed , next morning the talc should have wicked up the stain, vac up the talc , if not repeat, especially the beer bit, this also applies to wine and beer stains so I have been told. not sure on that , as I take great care not to spill mine The question of the day “was Einstein a nerd ? , well I share his hair , but was at the back of the queue when the brains got handed out , must be the reason I signed up for TMN forum ,
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