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  1. To rise above the earth , through the clouds of life , and touch the sun is something very special in life . Most folk fly , some treasure it , there is a difference , as James would understand, For me put me 20ft up a ladder I have fear in my heart , put me in a aircraft at 10K feet. I feel free of worldly fears , I guess the angel complex ?, Anyway RIP James a truly great guy From a brother flyboy ,
  2. Canadian cousins Doh , only kidding I love them to bits , as Ca3le says ( my take )this site has endless deep corners, I have often posted and said "Doh" , just shows how Americanized I have become , normaly I would have said , oh dear I have just made a fool of myself , indeed Doh saves keybord stokes ,
  3. good evening Michael ? , or Hi M8 from Biggles UK , I am intrigued by a UK Sat connection. v. rare in the UK, Seen a lot of 56k dialup ,adsl, fibre. Fttc ,Ftth but never Sat , that is totally new to me , please post more details , But I guess TMN is the right place for Sat questions , and never did me any harm only good from dial up through to Fibre to the cabinet ,
  4. OOOH tin foil hat is so out of fashion today (2013 ) , so yesterday, its last year duckie , today its surf board boots to avoid sink holes , and those magalmanic eyes bothlers me some , Just a obsevation from me , LOL my pic from my out of date passport still stands , but I now dye my hair silver to make me look distinguished ,and the glasses add to the retired professor look , it works, I am constantly besieged by 60+ widows seeking a guy to fix household appliances , the alure is a hot home cooked dinner , it never fails on me ,
  5. Dammit ,I guess I got to move to Singapore , but then maybe Singapore is v. close to Dallas , ? just guesing on that , being there is so much Chinese stuff in America , LOL ( Brit humour strikes again ) Just been Testing with my Brit Telecom ISP , using my rock solid 40 X8 conection to TMN Amsterdam Netherlands ,( 300 miles ) repetedly gives. 2.9 down 6 up , while a download from M/soft USA gives 4.4 , and a dreaded Flash test to Kansk USSR (3000 miles) gives 29.8 down 4 up , local UK, admitedly flash tests, gives me 37.5 X 8.2 , to be honest I have given up speed testing full stop , too many varibles IMHO . BTW Pgoodwin, from memory TIP stands for "trouble in paradise ," maybe I am wrong on that ?
  6. Roco Scammed ? Roco Scammed ? Well being the local wise guy , I came close I got a phone call mid lunch ( traditional UK Cod and chips) With a new honey, I took the call outside in the garden . in case it was a winging ex , Well sure my house insurance was due , I had about a dozen letters offering me a better deal, most offering to cut the price by £200 , that made me laugh as I pay £150 I figured they would owe me £50 , ( LOL ) I took the call and renewed my existing house insurance , Gave out all my card details , 1/2 listened to the details , Went back to my near cold lunch then thought on , ( I had given out my card details on a incoming – phone call ,) I tried ring back , not listed , I went into panic mode and phoned my card company . Indeed the insurance payment had been taken by a recognised UK insurance broker And nothing else , sigh of relief from me , I figure I narrowly avoided wallet burn , but it sure wrecked the day Damm, and I thought I was smart guy,
  7. we got the same in the UK , we call ours David Bowie , BTW , having worked in Med research nobody could answer the question in words I could understand WHY, is it if breed dogs with a black bitch and a white male dog , do the offspring arrive some white some black but the majority like a checker board , but human breeding of black/white produce coffee coloured off spring, BTW, nothing racist in this post as in summer I go Olive colour due to my dna inheritance just curious ,
  8. wellcome SibeDad , nice pic of a Siberian Husky , we have a few in the UK but the heat dosn't suit them down south , well maybe it's not the heat but the rain ? , a local Siberian has blue eyes , never seen that in a dog before , _____________ often lived there , cheap county to live in though ,
  9. always found being polite scored . who the hell as a paid erk needs to be personaly insulted by a customer , that only leads to be given the run around , thats the only power he has , heck, got a complaint why chew the ass of a under paid low level guy , make him your frend , you will stand out in his view , and more likely to get past on to higher help if needed ,
  10. @ Granpa I deny any knowledge of living or luving a gal at Chestnut walk Sevenoaks Kent UK , we where just platonic friends Good job you wasn’t my navigator/bomb aimer , your about 20 miles out , Maybe post codes (zip- code ? ) are more accurate , I am at KT 8 9AU (Google Earth)About ½ mile to the west of the Royal Palace , on the north bank of the river Thames , That puts me in Middx , (Middlesex ) lol we have 4 sexes in the uk, Southsex, Eastsex , and Westsex , and there I am stuck in the middle –sex Note we don’t do north-sex , well not often , LOl , Maybe the inaccuracy was on longitude I am West of the meridian line not East , @tommie , indeed Bro would love to visit , but visit it is , not to live , I guess I would be too out spoken , I guess we are all products of our upbringing , your American life style isn’t mine , and surely yours isn’t mine , I personally enjoy the difference , we all need to learn and broaden our views , IMHO , I figure we don’t have any other option , the world today is one mass of folk moving about ,for what ever reason , that won’t stop right or wrong , indeed as Dylon said way back “the times are changing “, Btw Roco is short for Romantic Comedy , forsure life has been a pants down farce,
  11. Thats one long ride dude , thats some road trip , did you raise cain on the way , my ref. is 51.26 00 N - clue > O.22 210 W way higher North , it was 50 F today , ( in proper mesurement = 10 C user name ? I used to be a fly boy , , the boy bit is long past , my next flight might be with a set of angel wings if I get lucky , BTW , when are you guys going ISO metric , ? I am getting tired of firing up a conversion App to convert temps & distance etc
  12. howdy Ark , as a Brit I claim the right to the nitwit title , well we had run out of Dukedoms , so I had to settle for Nitwit ,(lol) but can I ask why is Minnesota called the twin cities , ? is it like Budapest in hungary , it has a river running through the center , one side is Buda others side is Pest so Minnesota would be Minne & Sota ? , do I win the star prize ? BTW admin , Roco is still owed $100 Testmy .Net bucks from years back , I think your tresurer ( Shugs ? ) did a runner with the cash box ,
  13. Fathers day barely exists in the UK , most kids are searching for there’s on google , I took my daughter and grandchildren to the flying club restaurant ,the ex tagged along we all watched some gliders being winch launched , the EX said I would die in one of those , I offered to pay for a flight, the daughter laughing didn't help the day kinda went down hill from then on ,and I paid for the over priced meal, but got a card from my daughter saying #1 dad, a legend in his own lunch time , still trying to work out if that was an insult or praise lol , heck 38 years on, me and the daughter still share the same sense of humour. and the grandchildren are showing the same DNA , thankfully
  14. I use my old software firewall (sygate 5 series ) it has a graph of incoming/out going activity , and for m/s procces explorer whats running on my box , and a monthy check with HijackThis . http://www.hijackthis.de/ (using http://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/) along with the usual anti Vi , and a regular clean as can be back up, my main concern is whats going out , even Win updates and time gets a no no , on my box untill I decide ,
  15. been seeing 1/2 speed to Dallas for a while now ,@ around 1.9 Mbps Washington is OK though, and about my humble normal , got 40Mbps on the way (1st Jan 2012 )
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