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  1. i apologize for not using modify. a judgement call: it would not make sense to move anything until a technician arrives on the scene. there is a lot of sky out there and the window the satelite you are pointing at is about one half a degree tall and less than one half a degree wide. to put that in perspective, i don't have a calculator, but the formula is a simple one: one foot square=x times tan 0.5 degree, x is the approximate distance you are from the window, and that's a mighty big number, you probably could not see it. and you know you can't see the satelite. my guess is that for ev
  2. I'll never forget being called to a viewers house and finding poor reception about four and a half miles from the tower. It looked great on the portable television analyzer. The company engineer and I scratched our heads over it. Something out of the blue, struck me and I asked, "What's on the other side of the wall?" What's on the other side of your wall. Do you have one of these thinqs: a humidifier, attic fan, whole house fan, or anything electrical on the other side of the barrier (roof included). What about close by on the roof is there an attic fan or humidifier in the beam or just
  3. Is your WildBlue dish grounded??? Attached to a house of roof there should be a green wire leading to a grounding point or the one will get almost unexpected results. :smiley: There is a ground screw on the back edge of the modulator on the satellite dish. Not connected to a sewer stand pipe or chimney.. A water pipe or electrical meter grounding rod. Probably not connected to a television antenna, unless there is a superior separate ground wire. The WildBlue is connected not to the pole, but the ground wire itself. Consider this: what are your height constraints, are ther any radio/tele
  4. Has anyone tried the turning a meter lead around the coax? You can tell it's handshaking, but shouldn't be like Bill and Teds Wild Adventure of meter readings! Rock Solid means if sometrhing varies within reason, the action is transmitted to another reasonable facet of a system. And, generally lessening in hazardous nature to the system. Also at the same time examine current generated and voltage by the rule of hand tech trick.
  5. I was unaware of that, thank you!
  6. Omega says that one's provider may have an internal cable test within their ISP service, rather than the cable wrapped with a multimeter lead wire and the multimeter lead connected back into the meter at the free post female socket. Check with your ISP. !Don't go over and cut an installer installed cable, EVER!
  7. Omega says one's ISP may have a tweak style improper cable test internal to their ISP service. And that swapping ends can have no indication, even if the cable is bad.
  8. Also, call your ISP before straightening any of their wire contacts, they may want to do a swap out.
  9. So True....The point is well taken. A10/100/1000 ethernet circuit is most proficient at it's all encompassing rating. One would not have a new car on both end of a suspension footbridge. One for self and one for sig. other, and yet expect to drive across because his or her car is new. A lot of them are color coded, but the important thing is to get the cable that is needed.
  10. Visible inspection gives wonders with coax. Look into each connector. See the white ring? The white ring must have no chaff, or anything (dirt, water, etc.), NOT ONE strand at the white ring other than the copper strand sticking out. As you push the connector into the panel connector, you should feel the give AND the friction. Work on one cable and connector pair at a time. Something resting on a coax or a crimp or pinch can ruin coax at that point. Sometimes the copper wire will break, take a pair of needle nose pliers after disconnedting both ends other the cable and each copper wire a
  11. Never work on equipment of any type without removing the power.
  12. The color cable one needs in high speed internet these days is BLUE. Blue ethernet cable is the usual standard for 1000 megahz cable. Twenty dollars should buy a BLUE replacement cable with no difficulty for most individuals. How could you tell if you have a bad ethernet cable without test equipment and a technician?? Take the cable at the computer rear panel and insert that end into the satelite transceiver. Take the transceiver end and place into rear panel. How has the situation changed, because of the swap? Was download slow and now upload is slightly slower, was upload slow and dow
  13. There is no sense in fully paying for a service, that doesn't provide full service.
  14. of recent there have been many complaints about the provider i use. i finally checked and found about ten individuals below 100kbs. something is obviously wrong... the provider has too many individuals going much faster than that and the allowed minimum is 350 kbs. so i thought, up what i could on what would cause such poor response. if one is not within between 63.8 and 100 per cent of sat. bandwidth, they fall off the curve, sort of like beta/gamma on one's television. possibly, these individuals have trees, or possibly a technical issue. in the omicron of network they are anchors; usefu
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