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  1. i do tried all that already.. keep on releasing and renewing my ip address using dos command.. yet.. limited connection still.. my pc is also tired of restarting.. and i do all necesary troubleshooting always.. the cables.. the powersupply etcetera.. it goes on the same limited connection problem.. but when i install a fresh copy or retrieve my os mirror files.. my connection working again.. the question is that why the tweak isnt working for me. im using windows xp sp 2 and in fact is genuine.. i believe and i can feel that the values on the registry are incorrect thats why everytime i do th
  2. im from guiguinto bulacan bro.. i also have an ongoing case prior to unpaid balance to digitel.. but guess what. my debt is one month bill that reaches to 20thousand today.. haizzzzz.. hahahah.. bad thing is that my name is now blacklisted to them.. i dont think its fair to pay 20k .. hahaha.. heck with their subpoena and stuffs..
  3. can i just ask something to everyone.. i have folowed the 20 steps to speed up my bandwidth but everytime i do... my internet is not working anymore.. "limited connection" always appear on my lan status. then i dont know how to fix it to have my connection back.. so .. i really have to do some sort of fresh installation of my os again to reset everything about the tweaking that i did and make my connection back.. what seems to be my prob.. tnx everyone.. please post..
  4. im as well a subscriber of smartbro.. and located in bulacan also.. my contract will end this coming august .. due to my bandwidth frustration.. going to replace my subscription to other provider.. but no idea which to go through.. could someone help which provider is best.. worth the bill .. headache free.. thankz
  5. omg.. i did it.. i finaly upgraded my canopy.. worth it??? uhm............ heheheh.. hi everybody..
  6. still i cant upgrade my canopy.. the problem now is something like file transfer error.. whooooooooosssssssssh
  7. im not that knowledgable about nurses going abroad but.. my sister told that its a bit complicated to go abroad being a nurse .. because of this service that you have to spend here in our country.
  8. oh yeah.. thats my dream really since elementary.. to become a comp engr.
  9. hahaha.. well i have a sister which is younger than me whom already a registered nurse.. as a proof.. shes earning enough for herself and some for the family. she is also taking her mastering study or rather what you call that study... she has 2 different wages coming from her job as a nurse and pay as a CI..and my youngest sister is also also a nursing student.. whaahahaha.. family with 2 nurses is kind of amazing isnt it.
  10. ahhhhhhhhh.. keep it up then.. get the most out of your studies.. coz i graduated with a feeling of incompleteness.. i want to learn more.. its like.. "duh.. thats it??"
  11. whats your major mr EngrJayze. me.. coincidentally a grad of coe..comp. engg. wish i shifted to ece or ce. hayzzzzzzzzzzzzz... o well no regret at all..
  12. uhm.. your canoypboot which is version 1.0 turns 3.0??? what are the changes after your upgrade.. thankz sir..
  13. actually im still picking some stuffs to upload.. REALLY>> you can help with my canopy prob huh.. lets see.. hehehehe..
  14. whooooooshhh.. no retreat no surrender.. i can do it.. as dingdong dantes always says on his commercial.. "i will win".. wahahahah
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