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  1. yep i get the same thing too. Although i'm pretty sure our canopy's ip is not just can't figure out why it doesn't show on arp.
  2. lucky you, I used to be able to access it, but then i didn't even write down my canopy's ip knowing that i'd be able to access it again in the future through the same procedure. Unfortunately I can't. Just keep showing when typing arp -a. Disabled firewall restarted connection still shows same am i missing something?
  3. Weird now that I've tried it again, after changing the ip to arp -a results show an ip of I can't access that ip.
  4. yep, tried the exact same steps as mentioned above. when checking arp -a, i only get 1 ip listing it's Tried restarting and disabling the network connection after manually changing the ip to still only shows I was able to access my canopy before using this method. It's weird that after several months I can't see it anymore. Hope you guys could help. thanks
  5. Hey guys, hope you could help, I tried this method once (changing to 10.bla bla and getting the ip of the canopy through arp -a) and it worked. Was able to access canopy and play with the settings. Now (after several months) I tried to access it again, I lost the address of the canopy, so i tried the method again. What's weird is every time i try arp -a the arp table only shows dynamic. That's after I changed my ip to I tried accessing the address but all i got is a split second view of the smartbro portal and got transferred to a 404 error. Did this happen to anyone alse? Or am I missing something. Thanks
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