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  1. nf, how do I get it to paste the jpeg into here from Paint? Paste button greyed out. Sorry to be so dim.
  2. ok coknuck, thank you, I will have a go later - its up dating to SP2 just now
  3. Swimmer, I can't get a screenshot on here, it copies to clipboard but nothing happens when I try to put the image on here. I haven't done it before so I am probably doing something wrong. No matter, there is only the one 'other device' in Device Manager now, the network controller, flagged with a yellow ! and placed immediately beneath the Network adapter and in 'Other Devices'. When I go into its properties it says its location is PCI bus , device 6, function 0. Gracie
  4. Sorry Swimmer, just come back on here - NTL seem to have sorted their problem out. Everything is working with the laptop and I conclude that the network controller it is expecting a driver for must be the wireless device. I don't know what sort of setup the young man has at home so I can't do much about that. Looking at your screenshot confirms that to me as that has a wireless device beneath the ethernet, same place as I am seeing 'network controller'. What else can it be? Everything else in Device Manager is as it should be. ps I have put it to bed now, but if you think it necessary I could take a screenshot tomorrow and post it. Thank you for your help and encouragement
  5. I have just gone back to it Swimmer, and I went into the Lan settings and ticked for automatically detect, and then installed two 'storage' drivers - and when I then checked to see if I could get Windows Update, I found it was working, yet it still says it wants a network controller in Device Manager. I did install the modem The chipset drivers... can I safely install them again if I didn't? I think I did - yes, but how can I make sure? I will go take a look at the System files. Thank you There were not any USB installs on the site - perhaps they are integrated with the chipset drivers. This should install with the chipset drivers.. it might take a few restarts to kick in but everything should be working.. As long as you are getting an IP address on the wireless and ethernet nic it should get internet..
  6. hello folks, wonder if you can help me. I have had to put a new hard drive in a laptop Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M 7400, running XP Home. No disks came with the machine, so I had to download everything from the makers website, which I did, and installed. The LAN is a Broadcom 440x Integrated Controller and seems to be properly configured - it can get onto our LAN ok, but not the internet.The machine keeps telling me it has found extra hardware, there are two 'unknown devices' in Device Manager, and it is looking for a driver for a network controller. In searching the web I have seen that other people have had a similar problem with Broadcom not having a network controller - something about incompatibility with a kernel? but I can't find a solution. I am getting anxious because the young man is coming a fair way to pick up his machine on Friday and I want to have it right for him - he's just a kid. Also, if there is no network controller, will that affect wireless capability? If he has a wireless setup at home maybe that would be separate from the Broadcom problem. BTW, my ISP is having a bad hair day and so I have only intermittent broadband connection, which is adding to my anxiety.
  7. resopal, I would imagine it is as admin, but his boys, who use the laptop will probably not be admins. The very first thing I thought of was User Profiles not renewing - but then I discounted that line of thought. Swimmer I will pass your query on to him and come back if I get a useful response. He can't e-mail me as my ISP blocks Freeserve, so I have to wait until he can phone. He is not a novice with networking - but it is easy enough to forget things when you don't do it for a while, so these suggestions might be just what he needs. Thank you
  8. hello folks. Laptop running XPSP2 Wireless Netgear network card Wireless Belkin router. don't know exact ID's of card or router History. Machine came in for cleaning off spyware and re-establishing connection to the net. I had it on our Broadband ethernet connection for the whole time it was here, several days, and had no problems. Machine returned to owner and then had the wireless Netgear card installed and configured over the Christmas period, and everything seems to work fine, but only for that session. Next time the user wants to access the net the IP, protocols etc have to be re-configured, this is my understanding. I wonder if it might be a matter of driver incompatibility with the Wireless Zero configuration service as I saw some mention of that when visiting Microsoft's website, but I know so little about wireless networking, I am just guessing, and not having the machine here, I can't 'experiment', so I thought there might be some value in running the thing past them as knows more - that's you. . The router is not suspect as other machines in the house can access the web without a problem, and the laptop gives the same problem when taken to a different place, so I understand, so it must be to do with the card, seems to me, but I know nothing...
  9. hello all, this is to tell you that the problem has been fixed, and that it was because (somehow) the router configuration had been changed from PPPoA to DHCP_Spoof, and this last permits only one broadband connection, which is why there were no IP's for the other network cards available. Quite HOW that configuration came about, or how dial-up was also enabled, and DNS, which apparently ought not to have been, I don't know, and after two days of trying to work out what the problem was, I don't too much care just now, as long as everything continues as it should. Thought you would like to know anyway. Thank you for your help.
  10. thanks Cake. I didn't try winipcfg as I could see there were no IP addresses and didn't suppose that would help, but yes, I will check it out next time I go. If it IS the nic config, I wonder what else I haven't done, I have worn my fingers out checking off the essentials - Microsoft Client for Networks,Tcp/ip bound to card, Netbeui in place for LAN, File and Print sharing bound to that Work group name the same all round,Tcp/ip set to getting IP address automatically... Someone else mentioned disabling Master Browser on all but the XP machine, but actually I did not find any tab for Master Browser on the Win 98 machine here, so maybe that does not apply. Anyway, your suggestion will be taken up - thank you
  11. About a year ago we helped some friends set up an AOL Broadband network (we did try to persuade them to go for some other ISP, but as they were already using AOL, they preferred not to change). All has been fine until the other day, when...there was Broadband to all four computers when the folks went out, but when they came back, there wasn't. I actually did not take too much notice of this analysis because out of the four computers accessing Broadband, only the laptop is unchanged, and I am not sure that was ever properly configured anyway. The computer that we originally used to set up the router and the broadband has recently been made redundant and a spiffy new XP machine has replaced it. The other two machines have been reformatted, and the last reformat was at about the same time as the Broadband went down, so I assumed that the configuration details were no longer present and that was why broadband was no longer accessible. Simply putting AOL back on - the router ( Thompson Speedtouch 500) was showing an amber light on internet connectivity- had not fixed the problem, so we had been called in to see what we could do. After an initial check to make sure all cards were seen and all the necessary protocols, file share and Microsoft client were present, and the workgroup name was the same, I ran the setup wizard just to make sure, but still no joy, so I called up AOL techy folks, and we eventually succeeded in getting the XP connected to the AOL server and the router was all green, e-mail and the web made available to the XP machine - but none of the others. The guy on the other end of the phone seemed relieved when I said the rest was probably LAN configurations that needed tweaking, so that was that and thank you for your help,byebye - only it wasn't, because I spent the rest of the afternoon trying everything I normally do to get a computer on the net ( but we have cable) and going over the same ground again and again to try and get the LAN up and running and the other two Windows 98 computers to see the router, and failed. There are no IP addresses for those ethernet cards. In our router at home ( LinkSys) I can go into a status page and renew the IP, look at what computers are on the network and what IP's they are assigned to, but with the SpeedTouch there doesn't seem to be anything user-configurable. I eventually phoned AOL up again as I had run out of ideas, but, they said, they do not support networks running Windows 98 or ME. Where do we go from here I wonder? I can't understand why ethernet cards that are recognised in DM, have all their protocols bound, etc, etc, are not being assigned IP addresses by the router - no subnetmask, nothing. I don't know enough about network configuration to know what to do next - except buy another router, but that one has all the greens now and the AOL icon at the bottom of the desktop thinks it is connected, but when I go into AOL it says it cannot connect to the DNS, and the IP config remains full of zeros for those two machines, yet the XP machine, running on the same network is recognised and active. Any ideas please?
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