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  1. hehe maybe it is just a matter of "LUCK",, depends on the person who will answer the "phone"..i got lucky the agent answered is kind..hehe maybe he's gay..
  2. we all know that several of the agents in smart bro really don't care... My connection is choppy and i really hate it... but now I'm happy 'cause i called CS and a agent entertained me and he didn't gave me stupid excuses he really said sorry for the inconvenience and he checked for any problems and then he immediately told me that they will send technicians to change my antenna... Well customer service is not bad at all..."Do unto others what you want to do unto you" I think speaking with them nicely ( than showing that Im mad) is the best way to solve any Smart Bro Problems...
  3. i am having a choppy connection right now guys.. and i wonder why?? ( It is 4 hours overall i use my pc but only for 1 hr i can use NET what!!? And I am the only one who are experiencing this in our neighborhood.. what is this PREPAID? EVEN im using Antenna eh.?? BUT now i figure it out... WELL i really hate their selfish STRATEGIES! a friend of my BRO said they experienced this when they havent paid the bills for only 1 month then they got choppy connections.. so thats the stupid style of smart bro? they cut your connection when you delay your payment and when you are paid alre
  4. yeah i guess they wont let us to use their services anymore we are totally ban wahahaha .. but i dont care they cant do anything from us dont worry bro..ignore all letters of an attorney (if there are) they are just scaring us.. I have a proof my neighbor is still ok right now and her case was for almost a year already and the attorney is not bothering her anymore so dont worry...
  5. hey dude wow you live in bulacan too please tell me also if you already have a new ISP and tell me if it is good.. thx my area is meycauayan.. how about you? i asked almost all of computer shops / cafe here and they were using digitel.. but i cant use digitel coz my mother have a case on digitel (by not paying the bills of telephone) an attorney was kept on sending demands but they (other people who encountered this demand) said that he will stop when time passes by so maybe i wont use digitel immediately..
  6. my contract with Smart Broken is almost done and i am planning to have an another ISP.. But now i want to be sure.. anyone can tell me which ISP has better services bayantel or pldt? (in their cheapest plan) my location is bulacan.. tell me please especially those who are also living here in bulacan.. tell me also some IPS's that are better..
  7. proxy.smartwifi.com.ph i switch them when i am going to DL in rapidshare and when they are all limited already i just disable proxies and use direct connection so i can have a extra 1 download
  8. it worked for me! hey guys it has a another benefit by changing your proxy it will allow you to download from rapidshare i know there are many ways of cheating rapidshare but i just want to inform you maybe this can help for those who dont want to download tools and search for premium link generators ( coz some servers are slow..)
  9. can you guys help or teach what can i do for speeding up dsl, because i have a playmate in a online game, and he is a programmer and he said to me that from 1 mbps he can make it to 2 mbps and he said he used his owned program WOW i actually cant believe that but now i know maybe nothing is impossible.. is there any tweak or program to do things like that? thx..
  10. i just want to ask what ISP is the best here in philippines (specially here in bulacan area) that has a price of 1200 php and below because i hate smart bro and my 1 year locked contract is almost done and i want to be ready and sure of what ISP I will get the next time. all filipino/philippine members please help me!
  11. Hi Guys can you help me tweaking my canopy? because I know how but i dont know what value i put what should i put in uplink data and downlink data if I wanna improve it's performance for "Online Gaming" uplink: 400 downlink: 600 <---- this was my settings..hope it's correct or good for Online Gaming..
  12. hey Zazi how come youre speed is 700+ man that's WOW for Smart BROken (How did you do that?) i already did the tweaking thing but im not sure can you guys tell me what value should i put for uplink data: downlink data: please tell what is the best value for my purpose of "Gaming" please tell me also the best value for "Video Streaming"
  13. my problem is my speed is slow even i tweak my canopy configuration settings.. and about the unlucky thing hehehe well i think i have encountered one.. ohh yeah i remembered when we are going to transfer in other house my uncle thought it was a cable wire then he pulled it strong and i thought it was fine coz' nothing was cut. When we are finished trasnferring and we have already put the antenna to our roof, Im so excited to play but when i open my pc ohh noh "X" mark on my network and in that moment "Smart Bro" called then they said are you finished transferring your antenna? (becau
  14. uhhm i am successful in changing my downlink and uplink but i wanna ask you what would i put if my purpose is "Online Gaming"? what is the best value should i put for i choose this one but im not sure uplink: 700 downlink: 300 is this good for gaming?
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