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  1. Hello ladiasya Thanks for the response However, l am talking about a Cisco 815 Cable router. It had a Cable-Modem Interface l want this interface to scan for one frequency when it comes up. l am able to do that with the Cisco UBR 900 series making use of this command "cable-modem downstream frequency xxx000000 only" This is a configuration done in the Cisco IOS. My task is to achieve this with the Cisco 815 ISR Cable router. Hope am making a meaning of what l want sir Please help, l will be grateful Much Regards peter
  2. Good day guys l do use the Cisco Ubr 905 for my cable modem connections. and with it l can use this command " cable-modem downstream frequency xxx000000 only " in the cable modem interface to make the Ubr scan and establish connection only with that frequency. i.e interface cable-modem0 no cable-modem compliant bridge cable-modem boot admin 2 cable-modem boot oper 5 cable-modem downstream frequency 579000000 only ! But the Cisco Ubr 905 has been replaced with the Cisco 815 ISR router. l noticed l cannot make this Cisco 815 cable modem interface establish con
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