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  1. Well I'm totally flippin' embarrassed! I know I tweaked my settings a long time ago. I let that and the good flash test results convince me it couldn't be rwin related. I guess in hindsight all the flash based tests I was running to were closer so rwin didn't matter as much. <sigh> Feel free to delete my retarded post since it's not a bug.
  2. I'm not sure when this started, I'd have to guess around a month ago. I'm seeing tests peg right at 10mb on all three of my XP machines. - Browser doesn't seem to matter (FF4, Chrome, Opera, IE) - I don't think it's network (MTU, rwin) related because flash based tests are still ok. (FTP transfers are fine too) - All three dual boot linux. In linux testmy.net works fine. - There is nothing in common between the 3 XP installs as far as anti-virus/spyware or AV software. I'm stumpped. Perhaps you could put a large dummy file on the server I could D/L and watch speed
  3. Thats odd that FF is using so much cpu.. If I recall a 1700+ is about 1.4ghz, the laptop I'm on is dang close to that (Celleron). And pulling 27mb I'm only seeing 15-20% cpu. Memory usage is about the same. Mines actually a little higher if anything.. I dunno..
  4. Wow, does it max out with the flat file too (no progress bar)? Try running again with the process tab open, click the CPU column to sort by CPU usage. Then you can see what is maxing it out, browser, etc.. If it a system process I would think about the NIC card. Some cheaper and on-board network cards rely pretty heavily on the CPU to do their work. Sorry to hijack my own thread here.. hehe
  5. I'm near Pittsburgh, PA so it would make sense that the NY server is faster because it's closer. Doing a traceroute it's actually only one hop closer than the TMN servers though. 10 one way and 11 the other. Oh well.. Why is everyone up on the C2D chips? You can pickup an AMD X2 for a chunk less and get pretty close to the same performance. Or get a dual core opteron. Oppys have 1mb of L2 for each core. I just built a pretty kickin' (for me anyway) Oppy 175 rig (2.2ghz x2). Also I would think your 1700+ should be able to handle the bandwidth okay. Try leaving window
  6. Odd.. I still can't get more than 9.1mb from either TMN server. But I can consistantly pull close to 30mb from the Diablo server. Theres gotta be a router bottleneck somewhere between me and wherever the servers are hosted..
  7. I assume a larger file will produce more accurate results? I'll have to try again with the 12mb file. I'll also try it off peak when everyone else isn't downloading pr0n..
  8. Just testing some new Fiber To The Home equipment our company is using.. Took about 4 tries to find a mirror that could keep up. Most were maxing around 10mb Of course this isn't production, I have no speed profiles setup yet. Thats just a default, but I thought it was pretty cool..
  9. I just bumped up my dsl as high as the line will permit.. This is fricken awesome! :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 13409 Kbps about 13.41 Mbps (tested with 20972 kB) Download Speed is:: 1637 kB/s Tested From:: http://insanepwning.net Test Time:: 2006/07/27 - 6:36am Bottom Line:: 234X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.63 sec Tested from a 20972 kB file and took 12.812 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 201.39 % faster than the average for host (zoominternet.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-JG7FDSY23
  10. This mirror rocks! By far the fastest I've seen yet! :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 10106 Kbps about 10.11 Mbps (tested with 20972 kB) Download Speed is:: 1234 kB/s Tested From:: http://insanepwning.net Test Time:: 2006/07/27 - 6:15am Bottom Line:: 176X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.83 sec Tested from a 20972 kB file and took 17 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 127.92 % faster than the average for host (zoominternet.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-31B80YTKM User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U;
  11. 11.5 on a 100mb nic? Did you do any tweaking. I love Kerio, but I've noticed it slow down lan transfers sometimes.. Mainly for FTP..
  12. The thread starter.. You got it, I'm trained up at 16MB at the moment. The equipment we're using should be capable of close to 20-25mb on a short loop.
  13. 12.5MB/s is 100m.. The most you'll likely ever see in windows is 8 or 9.. Seems the Windows TCP/IP stack, even tweaked cant crank out much more. Now, in linux on the otherhand I've seen 11.5-12.0MB/s speeds FTP'ing across a lan..
  14. 15+ isn't necessarily fiber.. Read up on your DSL technologies..
  15. My upload isn't that impressive.. Yeah, I'm not sure where my slowdown is coming from.. Regardless how fast I sync up past 5mb or so there always seems to be a few mb lost. 16mb is the actual line speed the modem is trained up at. :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 652 Kbps about 0.7 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Upload Speed is:: 80 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Wed Aug 24 2005 20:43:45 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) Bottom Line:: 12X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 12.8 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 175.11 % faster than the
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