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  1. "If you find what the problem is can you please let us know. " CA3LE, Good news; both up and down tests working again. My environment still as described above, i.e. IE9 in Win7 Home 32bit. Known changes are Microsoft updates since February last. CWH803
  2. CA3LE, I'm certain I have javascript enabled. It must be some other variable that changed since my successful use (Oct 2011) of testmy.net with IE9. I tried putting testmy.net into my Trusted Zone to get the default "medium" IE9 Internet Option parameter values; still stalled. Then had success using www.speakeasy.net in my Internet Zone, which requires Flash I see, using the same IE9 that stalled on testmy.net. Thanx for any further insight.
  3. Getting no further than "One Moment... I'm Initializing Your Connection” with "100% complete" blue bar. Asking IE9 to "see source" of stalled page gets "Not Responding" sequence. Last successful use of testmy.net was 9 Oct 2011. Maybe IE9 parameter(s). Added testmy.net to "Trusted Sites" and to "do not block pop-ups" lists, but still no success. Using different sized test files doesn’t get any further. Advice needed. IE9 9.0.8112.16421; Win 7 Home Premium
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