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  1. so its possible to use a disconnected canopy and a MAC Address from a neighbor with an active subscription right?
  2. try reading yer canopy's mac address. its written at the back of your canopy. or try this http://www.testmy.net/t-20597
  3. using the canopy's mac address. i think he has a record of it.
  4. what's the effect if we mix this formula with the 20 steps? or rather, w/c is better, the 20 steps or this?
  5. so i'll just find a new chat mate from mars then. hehehe
  6. hahaha... all this time i really thought this is the infamous sendfar. is there any use of this?
  7. how far is the tested capability of the canopy? i'm planning to give my canopy to my brother, approx. 5 kilometers away from the base station. can i get a signal that far? if i attach my canopy to a satellite dish, would it give any advantage?
  8. if that's the SENDFAR, so whats this? got it from a friend, and it's got a NTC Logo at the back.
  9. @ CB sir, i'm pretty much sure that my PC has no virus because i just formated it. i can't post my canopy page coz i cant access it anymore. before, i can access it using the then arp method but now, right after i updated my canopy's firmware to 8.2.4, i cant access it anymore using ALL methods. when i do the arp thing, no IP is displayed. even if i reformatted my pc again.
  10. my PC is directly connected. i've been calling their customer service for several times na. and all i get is their same scripted answer. if only there's another internet service available here...
  11. i'm very near sa cellsite. Jitter: 1-2, RSSI: 993
  12. as for me, i only edited the max half open to 150, my torrent download speed ranges from 50+ Kbps to 70. i think thats ok for a smart bro P999 right? but my surfing speed sucks and i only get 100+ Kbps DL score when testing in TMN. and my direct download really sucks, 4-8kbps. damn... i've done all the tweaks here already.
  13. sir CB. i can't access my canopy anymore after i updated my canopy to 8.24 the other day. before, i can access it using then arp -a. now, when i arp -a, the ip ad of my canopy won't appear. only and any ideas? i can't just go up to my canopy coz its waaaay too high and i don't think our roof can take it anymore if i got up there.
  14. as for me, i used to access my canopy through the then do an arp -a. now, after updating my canopy to 8.2.4, i can't access my canopy anymore. ive tried all procedures except going up to our roof... any other ways guys?
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