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  1. And whats with  all the page redirects to google ca  , only thing I can think of this testing by google be playing havok with the DNS servers cache as well ?

    Google and Yahoo have been doing that for quite a while.  The biggest complaint on it is by people who travel or are temporarily living outside of the U.S.

    Yahoo's excuse is giving a page full of Canadian content as per our 'fascist closed door country'.  It's for our Heritage.  :idiot2:

    Googles excuse is more simple of giving you Google in your countries language. ??????????  Or some shiat like that. The YouTube redirect only lasted as a redirect for about a month or two, before it resolved properly to the '.com'. 

    And we have the occasional site that had exclusive deals to redirect Canadians to the Canadian version of a U.S. TV show site. And that also does not last too long before the people of the Internet find access to the contact form of the U.S. site to complain that there is lots of other content on the U.S. site that is not 'CopyRight owner' enforceable.

    But When someone types a '.com', thats where they want to go.  In the U.S. , people don't always see what the rest of the world has to suffer with. I read something the other month about how Rogers Cable Internet has come out with a new combo cable modem/router. And it comes with a DNS hijacker in it. I am glad Telus does not pull the crap that some of the ISP's in Canada pull. Telus has no throttling or hijacking. 

    And I am guessing that the 'Google Search button' is missing, so you use the 'suggestion' drop downs. 

    Or since this seems to be a FireFox issue.... Get YesScript add-on. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4922 It's a javascript blocker 'per site'. It's easier than NoScript to avoid breaking some sites.

  2. The problem with the Anti-Virus(McAfee/Symantec) that is pre-installed on OEM systems, is that they wouldn't want to raise flags against the other pre-installed software crapware on OEM systems.    

    So are they going to find everything or just ignore certain files? And then since most people don't know about free alternatives,  an instant paid subscription, after the free trial period, to the pre-installed programs.

    Note that McAfee and Symantec were sued by NewYork for automatically renewing peoples subscriptions at the end of one year, since they kept the credit card details on file. McAfee and Symantec lost the case.

    I have Avast.   http://avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html  .It's a Nice program.  Works with Windows 7 64 bit. No nag screen. You just have to enter a free key number thats good for a year. And no nagging emails either, from getting the key.

    And disable the voice warnings so you don't get spooked all of a sudden if an infection comes to your local.

  3. I don't know if this is the answer, but have you tried a different cable?

    Now this is because I was monkeying around yesterday with a USB device and shifted the plug about(as in stressed) and the computer popped up a notice of "this device can perform faster".

  4. So I am listening to some Internet radio today and noticing a small glitch(sound) in the stream. So I putter about and I change the port where this system is connected to on my router and the glitch went away.  

    Earlier the wife was watching YouTube and the stream stopped in the middle(YouTube does have a glitch itself to do with this when it's busy). So some more testing and things seem be good now.

    The glitch did not affect my speeds or pings(no dropped packets showing).  

    3 more ports left to go.  :evil6:  Then time for a new router.  :cry2:

  5. And now, I checked to see if we could get it, and what do you know, the site says it's available, or is it? Would Time Warner be able to tell us over the phone if we're able to get it before ordering it? My mom is stubborn and doesn't want to get it unless it's 100% available.

    Support should be able to tell you, they might have to do a call back if you request a tech to make sure that you can get it or not.

    The online availability tool isn't always right, depending on the parameters of the program that runs it.

  6. I was wondering what FBSMTWB was , So it's

    Fast Browser Search toolbar

    Is it good or bad? or slowing your connection and computer down??? I don't know.  But I do hate add-on toolbars.

    Mozillazine FireFox forums solved answer.


    a yahoo answers note.

    In case you haven't figured it out, it's the "MyTattoo" application from facebook that started all this mess.


    Both free. Download, install, update and then scan to be sure of no tag along bugs in your system, that could cause slowdowns.

    About 3MB to 5MB update file after install.

    MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware


    Note: this one has a large update file after install. About 60MB's

    A-Squared . Crapware scanner


    Download link.


  7. hn 7000s modem pro + plan yes i have been dooing speed tests since the 27th of last month per tech support

    What is your transponder and satellite? Maybe there is news on it being crappy at this time or in the past.

    You could try to get on a new transponder on the KU systems. while trying to avoid having to spend a $100 for a re-aim.

    Or try the free, no contract upgrade to the HN9000 KA band. Well, free if you push it. Hughesnet would love to get people off of the old systems. Some get better speeds. Some get screwed due to the users old profile being on the system still and causing 'issues'.

  8. Well my upload is 30 mb so its really really slow to most websites and only from 5 to 15 mb which blows cause my xp machine is way faster and I hear you cant tweak win 7 like xp and vista

    My uploads are good and seem to be doing the same test pattern for upload speed.

    I set the receive buffer to 32 and seems to be about all I can get it do for a stable higher speed, since the other settings don't seem to be doing anything different, other than maybe going as far as shutting down some of them. But thats another day.  :smile2:  

    I just did a quick test with the free Flight Simulator download on the windows site and the speed does fluctuate a bit. I don't get quite near the stable speeds I have done with XP, but there was some strange increase in speed that shouldn't of happened.  So instead of the seemingly consistent 600 K B/sec(Win 7). it went to 800 K B/sec and 700 K B/sec for a few seconds. And my connection runs about 5200Kbps, but does occasionally surge slightly. My XP box got about 638 K B/sec tops and stable at that.

  9. 1 thing I know is windows 7 is slower for fast internet connections and to far away websites I get slow sleeds but to the same website with XP I get way faster results using cablenut and win 7's auto tuning sucks. The download is fine its just slow upload with and I dont know how to tweak that on win 7. any ideas ?

    I've been monkeying with my NIC just now. I turned up the receive buffer to 64(from 16) and I also turned it to 100 full duplex(or 10 depending on connection speed), instead of the default 'automatic'.

    It has caused my download speed to be more stable in a higher range. Otherwise my speed showed a bit slow that it should be.

    the transmit buffer is good at 256.

    Still needs some more tweaking.........

  10. looks like that beam is open as of today on both zips...... however still not providing advertised speeds? (I was told specifically at no given times would speeds upload or download fall below 80% of advertised package speeds.) I'm severely confused on how some state that they have had over 36 months of trouble free service with WB?


    EchoStar?s AMC-15. The new satellite, will serve customers in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas.

    If they did not increase capacity at the NOC's/Gateways to accommodate the new satellites capacity in the area, people will still be screwed. And speeds will drop for the current users on the AnikF2 and WildBlue1 as well.

  11. yes, always seems to be a delay in the launch, testing..... very likely to be a delay somewhere.

    once read a scientist remark, "relocate if the Internet was that important to you" , guess it don't matter much what you home might sell for? the housing market is just booming right now  :tard:

    Almost forgot about that line.  

    The new way to sell your home out in the sticks, if you can put in the real estate ad, "wireline highspeed Internet". It sells much better.

  12. And SpaceWay3 of Hughesnet spent many months on in-orbit testing before it was released to the masses.

    So with the ViaSat1 if there are any delays in launch and then checking the satellite for technical limits in orbit.

    Xplornet in Canada(reseller) has already signed a deal with Hughesnet, for it's next reseller capacity satellite for 2012.

    PDF  http://www.xplornet.com/media/59053/barrett%20xplore%20jupiter_oct%202009.pdf

    Wouldn't you love a 10Mbps residential service via satellite? Jupiter is the name so far.  

  13. I just got the windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit  'Microsoft' version installed on one of my new machines today.

    Quite nice. Other than a strange crash of my BIOS and needing to pull the battery to reset it, but......... The Windows updates are a tricky thing at the moment. At least I think that was a part reason. Even though it should not affect the bios.  :undecided:

    But for those poor people out there who got a OEM version from some Computer company. My Condolences.  :sad3:

    All that bloat of crapware.

    My XP is almost retired. 8 or so years of dependable service.  Vista was never a choice, even though the kids computer has Vista on it. Soon to be fixed.  :smile2:

  14. We is gonna have a slightly rough Helloween.

    2pm pacific time.

    So it wet snowed about 4" a couple of evenings ago. Plows have just managed bothered to clear enough of the crap to somewhat of a shoulder again. A big ol thunderclap a few minutes ago and sporadic rain that is trying to be hail. And a little bit of wind on top of it.  Just cold enough for the snow to stay, but not warm enough for the snow to melt.  But there is this nice stripe of blue sky up there.

    But I already have 'my' candy picked out. So give away the stuff I don't like first and then see what I end up with.

    Oh and the kid has a mild flu since yesterday, so he aint going out tonight. But the wife is buying him a big bunch of candy this afternoon for just him.

  15. LOOK AGAIN!  it says Not 74..........

    I get so use to seeing other companies as the backhaulers for some wireless providers, that I didn't double check it.

    And thats my answer and I'm sticking to it.  :haha: 

    And have you read that Hughesnet is spending less on Lobbying(Bribes) this year.  Can't remember the Google link, but Google a search.

  16. :bday:

    Sept. 2 and Oct. 29 Both Considered Internet Birthdays


     David Coursey | Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:57 PM PDT

    The Internet at 40: History Began With Its First Crash

    Why do we today celebrate today--October 29--as the Internet's 40's birthday? Because on this day in 1969, what would later became known as the Internet was used for the very first time--and crashed.

    Here is what happened: The first network had four nodes, the first at UCLA, and the second at Stanford Research Institute. The other two--at the University of California-Santa Barbara and the University of Utah were not yet installed.

    That network was funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a program of the U.S. Department of Defense, created in the aftermath of the Soviets beating the U.S. into space.

    On October 29, 1969, a graduate student named Charley Kline used a terminal at UCLA to contact SRI. When Kline typed the "G" in "login" the network crashed. And for some reason, we are today marking that as the "birth of the Internet."

    Who says geeks don't have a sense of humor?

    Fortunately, the connection was made on a later attempt and if you forget the crash, the proto-Internet was born. You can see the log of the test at the Computer History Museum's Internet timeline.

    If the Internet does not seem like it can actually be 40-years-old today, that is because it is not. Sure, there was the proto-Internet, called ARPANET, in those early years. Nevertheless, for many of us, the modern Internet began in 1990 or later.

    By then, many of us were experts at using CompuServe, The Source, America Online, and other dial-up services. Some of us had our own computer bulletin board systems, too.

    However, the Internet was different. Where the earlier services were destinations, the Internet was, yes, "an information superhighway" that could connect all these services together, eventually bringing hundreds of millions of users and destinations online.

    The reason I chose 1990 is because that was the year when you could buy a dial-up Internet connection for the first time and it was also when the first World Wide Web server came online.

    It is also the year the first machine to be remotely controlled over the Internet appeared at Dan Lynch's Interop conference. It was the "Internet Toaster," created by the great John Romkey, who was kind enough to share a piece of toast with me. It was an exciting time.

    While each development led to others, Tim Berners-Lee's invention of the Web is what made the modern Internet possible. That and e-mail that could move from one service to another, thus becoming capable of connecting everyone.

    I am not among those who mark the end of civilization as the moment when "@aol.com" e-mail addresses started to appear, but it might be fair to consider that the beginning of the mass Internet we enjoy today.

    That was 1995, I believe, at the same time the old online services began providing Internet access to their users (and Java was introduced).

    If you would like to learn more about the history of the Internet, the Computer History Museum is a good place to start. It has many pictures and is written for a non-technical reader. http://www.computerhistory.org/internet_history/

    People who want to know the inside history--the technical history--go to "Hobbes' Internet Timeline v8.2" by Robert H. Zakon.

    His site is rich with detail and links (but no pictures). There you will learn why people like Vint Cerf and Bob Metcalfe are so often called "fathers of the Internet." Maybe the Internet would have happened anyway, but they did the work that made things happen and get the credit.

    Both are still with us, which is the cool thing about the 40th birthday of something mostly created by college students. Both remain active in the Internet today. I had the honor of working for Dr. Metcalfe during the time he was publisher of Infoworld, one of our sister IDG publications.

    There is not a good way to end a post filled with fond memories of a time when the Internet was new. Nevertheless, I will try by closing with Danny Cohen's poem:

    "In the Beginning, ARPA created the ARPANET.

    And the ARPANET was without form and void.

    And darkness was upon the deep.

    And the spirit of ARPA moved upon the face of the network and ARPA said, 'Let there be a protocol,' and there was a protocol. And ARPA saw that it was good.

    And ARPA said, 'Let there be more protocols,' and it was so. And ARPA saw that it was good.

    And ARPA said, 'Let there be more networks,' and it was so."

  17. New machine with the Windows 7 RC 32 bit....

    8 gigs of ram. 4 Gigs are seen with 32 bit.

    I have a new Intel Core Duo 3GHz and it comes up as 6.4 .

    But the good graphics card comes up at 5.3. But I have not tweaked the graphics card, until I get the Windows 7 full version on it.

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