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  1. Glad I didnt make this wrong turn....

    Before that video gets Modded...

    It's a WildBlue speedTest.

    With a Title of "The Hell Internet i Deal with Every Day"

    .18Mbps download and .03Mbps upload and a ping of 1019.

    Interesting that the IP on the test shows up as being the below. Even though it says WildBlue on the test as the ISP.

    Tracing route to pool-74-104-128-37.bstnma.fios.verizon.net []

    Which also has a nice enough 114ms ping .

  2. Im wondering if the FAP is more lenient or the uploads do not count towards the bucket of 425MB allowed and the recovery rate?

    Thought I read somewhere recently, that the spaceway3 may have a FAP free time during the FAPpable time, due to many people not being online at the time. Or else they are just freaking tweaking again.  

    Or, as in, your FAP bucket fills sooner.  Remember the days when they actually published the refill rate of the FAP bucket?  56Kbps refill rate, for one of the satellite Internet systems at the time.

    FAP. FAP. FAP. FAP........Then your speeds get slowed down for watching all those Jpegs.  :grin:

  3. Might you happen to have a DSL reseller in the area? 'Dry loop' or 'dark DSL'.

    They might be able to tell you one way or another(don't sign anything before full confirmation, such as modem blinking happily away). Even though it is still AT&T that provisions the DSL connection. Unless you are in one of those places where DSL went around you.

    You could also inquire as a potential business line customer(phone business number).  :wink2: A 'potential' home office, since you do not yet have a business number. Gets you past the screen reading drones. Note that your phone number and address may show on their screens as already having asked for DSL.

    Also if you see an AT&T truck/tech in the area. Ask him/her. They know more than phone support on where the lines are. Or a slight wire direction change may allow you to be within the 15,000 foot limit.

    Removal of a 'bridge tap', may bring results.


    Bridged tap or bridge tap is a long-used method of cabling for telephone lines. One cable pair (of wires) will "appear" in several different terminal locations (poles or pedestals). This allows the telephone company to use or "assign" that pair to any subscriber near those terminal locations. Once that customer disconnects, that pair becomes usable at any of the terminals. In the days of party lines, 2, 4, 6, or 8 customers were commonly connected on the same pair which appeared at several different locations.

    There are no active components in a bridge tap, just a

  4. The signal bounce is what will always make satelite suck

    Nah. DAMA will make satellite suck no matter what.  :wink2:



    And with the wireless you have . I have read about some ISP's that have setup with 'balanced upload and download' speed and eventually they change it to a set rate for the upload, as more customers come online.   But those are real nice wireless ping times.

    I am not sure if WildBlue used to have a 'vacation mode' for 'up to' a few months, but that may of been discontinued.

  5. I think another user called "FAPMAN" kept reporting the post to the moderator... The moderator said

    it was inappropriate, and kept deleting it.  TestMyNet forums are so much better!!

    I think the post was informational.  The moderator said it was "spam".  Screw them!   :knuppel2::tickedoff:

    When it gets 'loosely' spread about many posts, they get miffed. But when it's a quoted reply to someone looking for certain information, or at least as a means to an end for their problems, it should be allowed.

  6. DSLREPORTS deleted my posts about the contact information saying it was a violation of their policy.

    And then people who are suffering, will now have to search more or just give up and be forced to deal with India support(as they say).  Why be stuck dealing with Script readers when you can go to the higher up's and get things accomplished.

    Shoot, many people don't even have a clue where the head office's of the satellite providers are. They just got a phone number and an installer.



    The days of a company being centralized, is long gone. And thats where things go for a shiat.  :buck2:

  7. The problem with the WildBlue1 and the AnikF2, is that they never stood a chance, bandwidth wise, from the potential market of users.

    Even with the Hughesnet Spaceway3, is that it has more capacity, but people are upgrading from the KU birds to get some higher speed or a bare minimum of a 'constant' higher speed. So that cuts back on 'new' users who may be jumping ship from WildBlue and going to a newer, less populated satellite.

    Oh,well. Another two to three years until the third generation birds.

  8. :welcome:

    PLDT (Philippines)  

    pldt.net Download Average = 752 Kbps :: 92 kB/sec --- 3933 records found (30 days of logs)

    pldt.net Upload Average = 301 Kbps :: 37 kB/s --- 652 records found (30 days of logs)

    So you are above the average. Or possibly at the top of other peoples speed tests.

    And what speed is the package rate? 1Mbps. 2Mbps. 3Mbps?

  9. Lets get this straight. So they moved the whole array off of a building, to possibly 20 feet away to a dedicated tower and then thought only a few people(the closest) would be affected with 'signal loss'?

    They really need to get some of these suits that think these things up, out in the field to see what happens when they make decisions 2,000 miles away.

  10. Rain can cause issues if it gets into a connection. Kinda like a wet short between the wires.

    Another poster here this week had slow fiber to the home in the rain and two days after the rain, their connection came back up to speed.

    The Demarc is supposed to be rodent proof. Or is that homeowner proof? Yea. Homeowner proof. ... And keep the rain from falling in big drops into the inside. I had one that had a nice collection of lady bugs in it for the winter and all their minuscule poop as well.  Sometimes there is a bit of electric grease to try and stop corrosion in the connections.

    A place I lived, if the rain hit one of the many splices in the line just right, one particular home would lose their phone service for two days. I don't think the Telco ever found the bad spot.

  11. Possibly the 'new' modem has a 'used' power supply cable(with transformer in the plug) and that needs to be replaced.  The transformer gets weak, the warmer it gets and yada yada....

    To see if the power supply on the modem is the cause, Unplug the power plug for about half an hour and then plug it back in again. Then do a speed test right away. See if any difference.

    You wouldn't happen to have extra toolbars under that screen capture? Norton , etc. Maybe disable them to see if any difference.

  12. Have you tried looking for a newer version of the USB drivers for the modem?

    Maybe you have the name of the modem?

    And what is your subscribed speed package? 10Mbps. 20 Mbps. 50 Mbps.

    Since 54Mbps should just be a number that your computer connects to the modem at. You will see it if you hover over the little computers icon in the bottom right of your browser.

  13. Other choices of problems are...

    A bad phone line in the house from the Demarc(grey box on the outside wall) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demarc  to the inside wall outlet. If you have a modern Demarc, you can unplug the house with it and then plug your modem into it to test without any house lines being in the equation  .It's fun to get into them sometimes.

    But the modem unsyncing for a couple of seconds(and then reconnecting) should reset it to a slower stable speed is the result of a line noise issue.

    Modem is about to die.

    A failing card in the DSL Node box.

    A torrent you forgot was still running.

    You have some type of software running on your system taking up various amounts of bandwidth, causing a fluctuation in speeds.

    Both are free....Download, install, update,scan....

    MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware


    A-Squared . Crapware scanner


    Download link.


  14. I'm not arguing what speed is needed to request web page.....have yet to see a WildBlue customer get advertised upload speed at any given time, not to even mention peak hour speed. Myself want what I pay for, would not be happy just because its enough speed to browse the web. Obviously there is a problem with the speeds on both of the mentioned accounts.

    Steal from the uploads to speed up the downloads.  :evil6:

  15. From some basic testing I have done on a wireline connection, is that 100Kbps upload maximum is all you need to request webpages.  Unless of course those webpages have many links loading from various sites to render on the one page.

    It also helps to fully control any uploading by the end users as well.

    With downloading if you get below a certain speed like 200Kbps, then you have issues of slow page loads with missing parts that time out.

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