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  1. I kind of thought it was Xplornet by the quoted throttling. Have you read the below from Xplornet? A variable on if your tower is near capacity for bandwidth/users on the AP(access point). And what frequency unit are you on? 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz. they can be subject to various interference. Xplornet does have a 3.5Ghz licensed frequency that is a lot better if available on your tower. Note the throttled(sustained) speeds. As Xplornets 'up to' speed is actually a 'burst' speed. http://www.xplornet.com/legal/xplornet-traffic-management-policy.aspx
  2. It's been confirmed on another site and via a few users there, that Xplornet is throttling RapidShare speeds. RapidShare is purposely targeted by the throttle. So if Xplornet says they don't throttle RapidShare? They definitely are. And throttling by the clock and not by primetime slowdowns, when some throttling is needed to conserve/share bandwidth. Paying users of RapidShare get full speeds from RapidShare and that isn't happening anymore, unless it's the middle of the night. Also ask your Government representative why Xplornet still has not joined the http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/en/ As Xplornet makes more than enough money per year, for the mandatory joining criteria. All this un-documented heavy throttling is going to dig a deep pit for Xplornet to fall into one day.
  3. Who's your provider(sounds like you are on a wireless ISP) and can you paste your latest speed test here.
  4. At the bottom of the main page, just above the users online is the 'todays active content'. And then you can change it to 1 week or more from the default 24 hours. But maybe because of the 'tab' format of this forum software, CA3LE might be having fun trying to make it be open, as a list, on the main page. Someone, somewhere probably has a mod for it. But otherwise I mentioned before to maybe change the code for the link and make it flash or be another color and larger.
  5. From the a Amazon.com review... http://www.amazon.com/Sony-DAV-HDX275-BRAVIA-Channel-Theater/dp/B0015HOG02 The unit has two sound modes, "movie" and "music" and a bass enhancer (which I turned off as it made the bass sound boomy and obnoxious for music listening). There is no stereo 5.1 mode which would allow for output to all 5 speakers from regular stereo sources like an iPod. Instead the unit has a 4 channel matrix mode that uses the main, rear and subwoofer speakers for stereo. This is kind of a shame since the center channel speaker is the clearest sounding one of the bunch. The center channel does sound decent when watching or listening to TV and DVD sources. And Specs list... Multi Speaker Formation Select from the on screen display to configure the system for different speaker layout. Music/Movie Mode System automatically adjusts sound characteristics to match the source (movie vs. music). Edit: ignore this bit.. you already done it.... This is interesting if someone changed the defaults...... I guess this is your unit. Perform Cold Reset by pressing following buttons on unit front. Press STOP, EJECT and POWER at same time. (buttons on unit front) do not press any remote button. You will see COLD RESET on unit display and your home theater will set on default factory settings. If you have user manual, check page-90 for details or click Sony Support http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/model-documents.pl?mdl=DAVHDX275&LOC=3 to download a copy.
  6. I don't know about the download transmit power on your particular modem. Maybe you can find a online manual for it's specs. It may be low, but your unit may have a lower power output. My Speed Touch is at 19.5dBm tx power And if your profile was changed to a higher speed, I suppose you did reboot the modem already. But you must of done that already to see the new sync rate.
  7. I mean the profile your DSL provider has you set at. Since you are floating around one particular areas of speed(2Mbps) on your speed tests. Does your provider have a current page for packages? Since the ISP link in your speed test goes to an old page, that is not properly showing packages. So it only shows a 1.5Mbps down package and a light package of 256Kbps down. http://www.nehp.net And I hate the combo units of being a modem and router all in one. Makes it a pain to trouble shoot any problems when you have to deal with two units at once. Sometimes you can bridge the combo unit to be a modem only, but that is Dependant on the units firmware.
  8. I edited on this bit also in my first reply...
  9. Are you connected direct to the modem when doing the speed test? That would rule out any speed restrictions that might be accidentally set in a router. Another cause may be you are on the wrong speed profile, even though you are syncing at the higher rate. My DSL modem syncs at 9.4Mbps, but I am on a 6Mbps profile and then that relates to a speed of 5.2Mbps, with overhead factored in.
  10. Note that in this article, The term 'slowing down traffic of file sharers', actually means Hacking the users data stream to insert a 'end transmission packet' to stop the file transfers. And last I heard, is that Hacking someones connection is still illegal. Opt out to leave things open for another day. Most people are too lazy to spend another year or two in court, to watch and learn from a million users suing Comcast in single cases. The way lobbyists are buying off politicians, theres always another crime, by an ISP, that will be committed against the users of the Internet. Or does your particular ISP always blame the site that you are trying to use, for all slowdowns? http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/041510-critic-customers-should-reject-comcast.html?hpg1=bn http://p2pcongestionsettlement.com/ http://funchords.livejournal.com/432415.html
  11. Did WildBlue get their accreditation back for a couple of months? Well it's expired now. And WildBlue tried so hard to ensure that they were providing a reliable product to their customers and ensuring all problems were resolved within a short amount of time.. http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/internet-access-providers/wildblue-communications-in-greenwood-village-co-9036631
  12. There are people who deny the factual 30 day of good speeds for a new user and then things slow down, but it happens. The other one you mentioned is the call in to complain and get proper speeds for a day or so and then back in the dumper. Especially noted when support asks the user to do multiple speed tests over 24 hours. Or the other one is when WildBlue sends the installer and for the time around when the installer is supposed to be there, speeds are great. Must of been that awesome 'repair' that did NOT need to be done, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. And the user gets to pay $95 for the service call and the Installer gets work, for wages to eat daily, on a closed beam. The HN9000 units for the spaceway3 KA band have decent bandwidth available still, but for the high use areas that could be changing. Hughesnet is tweaking that satellite every few months by posts I have read. The KU band satellites are hit or miss for decent speeds. So next satellites launching are for mid 2011(viasat1) for WildBlue. And for mid 2012 for Hughesnet(by the name of Jupiter, similar components to a Viasat1). Note that in-orbit testing of the new satellites will be a few months before full deployment. http://www.viasat.com/broadband-satellite-networks/viasat-1 http://www.tooway.com/ in Europe will be launching a viasat1 in mid 2010.
  13. But thats too simple. I am not sure if CA3LE is going to remove the IPB address portion in a couple of weeks anyways and do the usual redirect for old(new) links. Huh. What. Don't know. Oh well. But for anyone who clicks their old bookmark and doesn't bother to modify the address, they is so lonely without us. But forum viewing online numbers are about right, so there can't be too many lonely people.
  14. clicking on my original bookmark for testmy.net forums, http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php Now gives me an error page of the site being down. If I remove 'index' from the end it gives me the index file list of the forum. Edit: Otherwise it just showed the page with the usual title of the forum being down for maintenance and links click-able for speed testing and forum link in the drop down. Edit again: In IE8 I get a IE 404 error page that is not the testmy.net page. Weird Windows7 sh*t? But without 'index' on the end, I get the forum error page. Opera shows the 404 error page too..
  15. Oh you have not heard about a Canadian prick company that made up a bunch of patents on wireless communications and then makes it's money by suing and settling out of court. And the legitimate patent of a product is still F*cked. You could almost patent breast cancer genes... Oh Wait. Someone has already done that and it is now being reviewed. http://www.ubergizmo.com/15/archives/2010/04/wi-lan_sues_big_name_companies_over_wi-fi_patent_issues.html?
  16. I've read a few stories over the years of one person bringing in a T1 line(or two) and then secure WiFi to the neighbors. Which makes it affordable. Another one I read had to do with an apartment building with real slow cable Internet. So they pulled in some new phone lines and put a server in the building and enjoyed way faster Internet that was better than the cable, that the cable company would not repair and upgrade. And no worries about getting sued by the CableCo's to prevent you from doing it, since you are not a town.
  17. OK. Fiber to the node. Bell Internet is Canada markets their VDSL2 as 'Fibe'. Which does confuse some people into thinking that it is fiber to the home.
  18. You could try to launch FireFox in 'safe mode'. To make sure any extensions are not slowing it down. Safe mode is in programs, click Mozilla FireFox, and then choose safe mode.
  19. I'm supposing it's Fiber? I'm waiting for VDSL2, hopefully in a couple of years. I could use some more upload speed from the current 800Kbps. Download is fine at 5200Kbps.
  20. Is this your ISP? http://ecsis.net/services/internet/ And are they operating on a burst speed system? Their website is so minimalist. I don't know if this quote from there, means 'burst speeds' to 10MB and then lower sustained speeds kick in. But maybe some traffic shaping goes on? You could try a larger test instead of the automated one to see if any speed difference.
  21. Download this, MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905 install, update, scan. It's free. It's should show any of the bugs that could cause a hard drive to be constantly being accessed.
  22. I've kept reading peoples postings over the years of over subscribed nodes and speeds that just suck on Shaw. Some areas are fine. I guess it depends on the importance of certain people or business's in the area. One thing to make sure of on your cable Internet line is too make sure that your modem is first on the cable line and then any splitters go after it to avoid degrading your line inside the house. So don't have your cable modem on the end of 3 splitters down the line. Sometimes you will have to go into the gray box on the side of the house to check and fix if needed.
  23. I would love to see an Auditors report on the waste of money that is rampant in the satellite Internet industry. But thats what happens when you B.S. the users every freaking minute of the day and night. On one hand the user is being blamed for a crap connection and the user spends money to make their, nothing wrong computer, faster and better. Then there is , "Oh your dish is crooked or your TRIA or modem is going bad, But for $95, an installer can come out and waste his and your time on equipment that works perfect for an oversubscribed spotbeam". http://customercare.myhughesnet.com/
  24. From what I've read, is that Hughesnet went into some maintenance the other night on the HN9000 system. And they broke the FAP meter on the HN9000(not deducting bandwidth used). And the speeds pretty well tripled.
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