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  1. So users on Telesat satellite have been noting that there are new rules in place to more or less stop people from experiencing the Internet that they purchased access too.

    It's been confirmed that Xplornet is reducing download speeds on such sites as, RapidShare and Megaupload. The throttling lifts during the FAP free time overnight and is then reapplied.

    So it's not you or the site. It's Xplornet. The throttling is via the browser port 80 downloads, which is different from P2P ports. So why does the hourly FAP policy not apply too some of these sites anymore? And some video sites are apparently being throttled as well.

    A bandwidth monitor(free edition).


    Download link. http://download.cnet.com/Bandwidth-Monitor/3000-2085_4-10521410.html?part=dl-Bandwidth&subj=dl&tag=button

    A user posted this on another site...

    usage on your Xplornet account has been significantly higher than the usage of an average Xplornet customer (approximately 7GB/month). Therefore, Xplornet will be introducing a maximum monthly usage of 20 GB per month on your service beginning April 1st 2010. Xplornet will be monitoring the bandwidth consumption on your account over the next 30 days. We request that you work to reduce your usage to the above-stated level. If you do not reduce your usage, Xplornet will begin limiting your Internet access connection speed to a maximum speed of "up to" 128kbps for any consumption beyond the monthly 20GB usage threshold. If you wish to return to your original package speed, you will have the option of doing so by purchasing additional bandwidth at a fee of $2 per GB.

    Make a note that 128Kbps download speed on satellite is pretty well useless.

    Next satellite with higher speeds and higher bandwidth limits(hopefully) will be after mid 2011 launch of the ViaSat1. http://www.viasat.com/broadband-satellite-networks/viasat-1

    Edit: changed thread title.

  2. in the upper right hand corner of any page you will see your screen name...click that to reveal a drop down menu...go to "my settings" and look for the time zone settings...select yours...save setting... tahhhhh dahhhhh done

    But if you live in the best time zone, no need to change the time. :headbang:

    Actually the pacfic time zone has had a better winter this year than the rest of North America. I really miss last years 6 feet to 8 feet of snow(all powder), when we only got about one foot this year. Snowblowers rock! And the occasional gravel on the roof is a side effect.

  3. Rant mode on......

    So our canadian credit cards were made nice and safe with a "contact chip" and pin number needed for transactions.

    So now the a-holes have added one of those RFID 'paypass' chips in it(to go with the contact chip). And I can't find The damn RFID in it, since it may now be really tiny, instead of the older large flat style, or else it's incorporated into the contact chip.

    Anyone got one and successfully disabled the RFID? I can't nuke it, since I need the contact chip to work.

    From what I've read of real tech on the paypass, and not the "oh you need it within 4 inches of the reader", is they can transmit at least 2 feet away, and that is in one of those cheap faraday cage sleeves, that come with them on occasion.

    The disclaimer for the paypass? If there is strange spending habits on your card via paypass, the machine will disable the paypass from working(at the system reading level, I guess and not the RFID itself). Or in laymens terms, If you keep paying for the person's items in front of you, then it will be deactivated. Oh and the terminals receive strength will be reduced by a tech visit.

    Heres a layout pic of the configuration inside the 'contact chip'/'rfid' card.


    It shows the antenna going around the outside, but this card is a bit dark to see it. But the pics I've seen, it shows the RFID's on the right hand side in either or both corners.

    Still got to call in to see if I can get one that is just contact chip. Or find a supplier of a good Faraday cage sleeve.

    Rant mode off......

    When I get my next drivers license in the next few months, I am going to nuke that bugger for 3 to 5 seconds to make sure our government is not sneaking them in(it's voluntary at the moment). Been practicing with my old drivers license. It can take 5 seconds without over heating the 'magnetic strip'. And I am not defacing the license, so it's perfectly OK. And other than the accident with the magnet to the 'magnetic strip' when I got the card, the 'magnetic strip' probably don't work anyways. :rolleyes: But if there is a pop on the card at 5 seconds, then the shit shall flow.

    Oh and a side note with our Government. Our digital drivers license pictures are stored in a data base. The police are taking pictures of protesters and using that data base to identify everyone of them. And the police are even going as far to call some of the protesters by name. That sure seems like a mis-use of the data base. Or illegal use, as is the better term. Meanwhile the police really hate it when you video them, and can become quite angry.

  4. Hi, I just want to know how to get my website's real speed. is there any tools i can use to test it? by the way, here's the link to my site. [snip for advertising] and here is my hosting site [snip for advertising]

    you can't advertise here in your posts or elsewhere in your profile

    Will this do?


    It gives some pointers on the size of the page and how it affects various page loading speeds of users connections. Easily managed by the webpage owner.


  5. I see all the old threads and posts and the Search pulls them up. Board is active, just nobody here yet.

    Gonna take some getting used to though for those who used the old board. Maybe the Sigs won't be so gigantic.

    Profile is a bit hard to find to adjust settings too.

    I can't remember when this board was synced with the old one, but it must of been one or two months ago when it got created.

    there is a setting to disable signatures from your viewing perspective. It is in "my settings", and then "forum", "View/Posting/Email Prefs".

    Profile(name) is at the top right corner of the forum and click the little drop down arrow to make various changes.

    Edit: and I don't know if ca3le increased the default attached file size yet, otherwise people may not be able to attach pics, if they are over the limit of 500k.

  6. This is the new board that is in testing and tweaking mode. There will be a synchronization of the information and posts from the old boards to this one eventually. And hopefully the few posts made here will be saved as well.

    ca3le is busy updating the main forum right now, so it is still down as of this posting.

    The speed test site is up again. https://testmy.net/ And is pointing here as the "community forum home".

  7. New guy here that just spent the better part of the afternoon perusing your forums, especially the WB section.

    The area you are in is in the convergence of 3 beams with the Anik F2. The WildBlue1 satellite has a much better spotbeam coverage(beam 102) of your area.

    I am only going to guess, if you were on the Anik F2, is that the equipment had to keep ramping up the power to make a good connection. And thus burning out early.

    And maybe you got the 'one month good speeds' and then it dropped back? That has to be the best part about satellite. :knuppel2:

  8. My speeds seem to be up and down. It looked like once my speed went to about 1 meg that when the video stopped.I got a couple of screens shots of it, but Its not letting me upload them.

    The speed graph does bounce a bit up and down. YouTube has some kind of detector of the connection speed me thinks.

    And I know why attachments don't work.

    You have used 14.41MB of 500K


    You have 214 attachments (100% used)

    I'll post a note in the main forum for ca3le to see.

  9. I like to watch Cod mw2 videos that Machinama posts and a lot of people watch those, but I have the same problem with all the videos.

    I got a advertised speed of 2 meg but lately I might reach .5 meg, I pretty much gave up on trying to tweak it, but maybe I should give it another try.

    So kinda what your saying is to be able have a good stream you need around 600Kbps

    If you use a bandwidth monitor on your desktop, you should be able to see what the stream is trying to run at.

    Heres some quick examples. I also use a flash blocker to stop videos from instantly loading before I click to allow.

    This video


    Spiked to about 3.8Mbps then tapered off quick as it was done loading.

    This one


    spiked at 3.2Mbps then dropped to about 1.4Mbps stream

    This one had initial peaks at 3.2Mbps and ran at about 1.8Mbps stream.

    Note that the loading stream will run slightly faster than the viewing. So it prevents buffering.

  10. nope zalt...i mean posts...there are at least 2 posts missing...

    mine which cracked a joke to .s1 about the quick reply and coknuck's agreeing and laughing at my extremely funny joke...now i don't be funny very often so this makes me sad...and confused...:evil6::haha:

    If ya got Mod powers there should be a delete trail in the thread, me thinks. Unless they were permanently deleted.

    Look Under 'edit thread'.

    I'm going to try and post a picture again of a head banging into a computer.

    Upload failed.

  11. nope the ones i'm talking about are gone

    Unless you mean threads... Then again I is sick today, so maybe there were some other posts I forget.


    Posted 31 January 2010 - 08:28 AM

    he's still working on getting the pics to show...like in sigs and posts...funny thing is tho...if you look at your profile...the pictures are in the sigs... :mellow:

    btw dimples...i love your new picture...



    Posted 30 January 2010 - 09:57 PM

    Need to fix the signature link or script. ;)

  12. YouTube has issues sometimes if a lot of people are watching the same video or whatever server it's on is congested.

    The only issue I have with Youtube is it will load halfway and then stop(the progress bar). Not all the time, but occasionally. I have a little tiny glitch in my line that causes that. Getting a new drop in a couple of months to see if it goes away. Not enough to bother with instantly. Maybe we will get a VDSL2 upgrade this year. :grin2:

    So what I do is move the cursor to slightly ahead of the stop and it starts to load again, then just back up the cursor to the last viewed spot.

    Whats your Internet connection anyways? ISP and are you connecting wireless or Ethernet. Mine is 6Mbps and before that 3Mbps.

    It used to be having about 350Kbps was good to stream, but that has gone to about 600Kbps. And the high def stuff can be abouts 1.5Mbps.

  13. This should go good with extra monitoring of a users connection for the pocket books of the copyright mafia.  :evil6:


    Yes, Three Strikes Laws Have Unintended Consequences That Even Music Industry Execs Hate

    from the surprise,-surprise dept               

    As noted earlier, I'm at the Midem music industry conference this week in Cannes, in the south of France. France, of course, has been at the forefront of many of the debates over copyright issues, with its Sarkozy-backed push to be one of the first countries to implement a"three accusations and you're off the internet" policy (despite Sarkozy's political party's own long history of infringing).There really hasn't been that much discussion this year about the whole three strikes thing (last year, it was one of the main topics), which seems a bit odd. However, I did randomly see a twitter message from theguy who runs a travel rental business here in Cannes, Lao Watson-Smith,pointing out that all these music industry execs are complaining about all their accommodations having locked down WiFi(even when it's offered free), and noting that the only reason why these connections need to all be locked down is because of the three strikes laws that they pushed through. And, indeed, it is rather annoying. My hotel has "free wifi" (which seems to go down regularly) but you still need a user name and password, and once you log in with one device it will not let you log in with any other device. You must use that one device exclusively. When the official WiFi went dead, I went in search of other networks, including one called "Free WiFi," but when I accessed that, it still asked me for my username and password (which I obviously don't have). It certainly is somewhat amusing to find out that the music industry execs are annoyed by the consequences of the law they so desperately claim they need. 

  14. Just like Phorm and Nebuad before them, yet another illegal monitoring of users Internet traffic for either 'ad revenues' or 'monitoring of users data' for the Copyright Mafia to detect and eject filesharers from the Internet. Including Grandma with the unsecured wireless router.

    All this deep monitoring and data retention is illegal. And will constantly be ruled to be illegal. So why do companies keep resurrecting illegal methods of violating users privacy and Rights.



                        Virgin Media fingered to the EC                                                                                                 

    Web traffic tracking tool targeted                                                 

    By David Neal                                                                   

    Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 16:05 


    PRIVACY INTERNATIONAL has pushed ahead with its plans to ask the European Commission to take a look at a controversial Virgin Media web traffic monitoring tool.

    The tool in question is called CView, which was developed by Detica and is set to be used by Virgin Media to monitor its users' web habits.Although Virgin is only said to be considering use of the tool, the privacy advocacy group has warned that if Virgin goes ahead with the plan, it will throw the full weight of the law at it.

    In November when the idea was first suggested, the group said, "The global watchdog organization Privacy International today expressed its deep concern at the revelation that Virgin Media is about to commence a trial of Deep Packet Inspection technology by Detica, known as CView.

    "It has been reported in the press that Virgin Media is planning to deploy the trials across 40 per cent of its customer base without either obtaining a warrant or seeking the consent of all parties involved in the communications."

    Alexander Hanff, head of ethical networks at Privacy International,added, "I am deeply concerned that Detica's CView used in this way will infringe on consumer's fundamental rights to privacy as afforded to them under UK and EU Law. I am dismayed that despite the Commission's Infringement Action, the private sector still believe they can conduct such activity lawfully. The Commission have made themselves completely clear that informed consent is required under existing EU Directives.Due to the chaotic enforcement by relevant public authorities, that the UK has become a hotbed for surveillance."

    Today Hanff confirmed that the EC was investigating the use of the technology, which he said was illegal. In a letter from the EC, whichwe have seen, the regulators said that they would seek to protect the rights of individuals and businesses in the face of "the interception or surveillance of communications."

    Closer to home, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is also looking at Virgin's use of Cview, and Hanff added, "They are currently investigating the situation with regards to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). I am in regular contact with ICO and they will let me know as soon as they have reached a decision."

    Hanff added that although Virgin has not pushed ahead with its launch yet, he would be ready when it did. "I will put in a criminal complaint with the Metropolitan police under the RIPA act for illegal interception, just as I did with Phorm."

    Over at rival ISP Talktalk, the firm's chief executive, Charles Dunstone has also been discussing privacy and copyright infringement.Dunstone checked in to a meeting this week hosted by Talktalk in London to air his views on the dangers of cutting off file sharers, and reports suggest that he believes that copyright holders should take their own actions against copyright infringers rather than relying on the government to launch its "three strikes and you're out" policy.Once Talktalk remembers its own "it's good to talk" maxim and picks up the phone, we hope to provide you with more information. 

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