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  1. i think this is for routers only... see this: http://www.pinoytux.com/technology/how-to-increase-wi-fi-signal
  2. @gourame nice stats.. afaik CB's 20 step requires canopy tweak? im scared.. lol EDIT: well maybe not in the 20 step. but in other threads i think
  3. Hello, I am new to this forums, I have been reading way back and this is the only time i decided to register... anyway I have emailed smart and here it is... Me: Gentlemen, I have information you are now using different antennas in other locations; namely Sendfar, when will this be implemented for ALL? or is it for ALL? or for those NEW? please clarify this and let's make the hardware setup standard. Thanks --------------- SMART: Thank you for informing us of your concern. For Smart BRO, we only use Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that is type-approved and te
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