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  1. i think this is for routers only... see this: http://www.pinoytux.com/technology/how-to-increase-wi-fi-signal
  2. @gourame nice stats.. afaik CB's 20 step requires canopy tweak? im scared.. lol EDIT: well maybe not in the 20 step. but in other threads i think
  3. Hello, I am new to this forums, I have been reading way back and this is the only time i decided to register... anyway I have emailed smart and here it is... Me: Gentlemen, I have information you are now using different antennas in other locations; namely Sendfar, when will this be implemented for ALL? or is it for ALL? or for those NEW? please clarify this and let's make the hardware setup standard. Thanks --------------- SMART: Thank you for informing us of your concern. For Smart BRO, we only use Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that is type-approved and tested by Smart for the service. It is possible that a Smart BRO customer may have a CPE that is different from that of another Smart BRO customer. However, service quality or experience, will remain the same. We have relayed your message to the concerned department for proper handling. If you have any other ideas that we can work on towards serving you better, please feel free to share your thoughts. Sincerely, Celeste Bernardo / cvs Customer Care my take down: they always say we will relay this to the concerned dept. well ))@(#*$ that dept i never get anything from them. what i can say is this is a template piece of... you know the rest
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