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  1. NB for those of us here, for whom English might not be a first language and might find it a little difficult to understand the commentary, the following video is shot in Bruxelles the capital of Belgium not in an Arab country. http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=-inob20I_Y0 Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  2. Is there a reference on the internet to this jailing of Von Braun? http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,2976091,00.html Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  3. Hi Roco, Well their position, would not have been very different to most of Europe but then after letting a failed Austrian postcard painter lead them in to a World War on a plan based on a Wagnerian Opera, one might have thought they would have learned something, like how to recognize a bunch of Nazis though they might be called Al-Qaeda this time round rather than the NSDAP. I knew the French were insane, like the Soviet Union post Stalin was no model state but even it had its limits and refused to sell Saddam a nuclear facility, because they would have sold a regular nuclear power
  4. Hi Roco, there were a lot of people living in Germany and it would seem most everybody was against Hitler, so I wonder where this man got his support. The reality is, that when Germany was winning the War the majority of Germans thought Hitler was the greatest thing since sliced bread and quite simply did not care that he was intent on exterminating whole populations. It was only when the War went seriously wrong for Germany, that people started to have less regard for Hitler and by then given the prospect of defeat by the Soviets, with their well deserved reputation for terror and murder and
  5. I have 3.6 Mbps HDSPA wireless, I don't know what type of satellite service you are getting but if HSDPA is available in your area it could be an option, if that service was available in your area and you were interested in it, you should check it out very thoroughly before committing yourself to a contract as in Britain and Ireland where this service is available people have had very varied experiences with it, in that for a start 3,600 Kbps is not a speed that consumers will actually experience since the service is contested and the more people who are using a wireless base station the more
  6. Good point, Well when the film comes out they might have an explaination for that issue. I only found out about this film project a short time ago but one thing which is really nice is that they are apparently going to some effort to keeps things as realistic as possible, like there was a big discussion on their forum page about how the motorcycle in the clip could be powered since a normal petrol engine would be defeated by the moon's lack of an atmosphere and they came up with the idea of a hydrogen peroxide fueled motor. Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  7. Hi Tommy, yes it's a film alright and it looks better so far than some of rubbish Tinsel town has foisted on SF and WW2 cinema goers in recent years. http://blog.starwreck.com/2008/06/30/iron-sky-signal-episode-1/ and this is part one of a fifteen part Japanese documentary about UFOs sorry no translation but the animations are pretty cool. http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=PD2S3J401lI Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  8. Is that an orbiting communication satellite downlink with a telephone connection upload link you have? http://www.satsig.net/satellite-internet/satellite-internet-canada.htm Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  9. Well at least, it works when you can get a decent wireless link, I was just listening to a technology Journalist with the British magazine PC PRO saying how it took him couple of hours to send an email from a phone/electronic portable device that was using a Microsoft based system, and that he only found out at the end what he needed to do by accident. Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  10. Frankly, I am glad that somebody is taking the the Technology companies to task for over selling their products, I have a HSDPA internet modem and Three the service provider refer to a 3.6 Mbps speed, yet I get a full strength signal and most of the time it operates at around 800 Kbps which is way off 3600 Kbps and when there are a lot of people using the service it can drop down to unuseability. And don't even get me started about SLI and Crossfire. http://www.three.com/ Three Hutchinson Whampoa It's an Internet Cultural Revolution. Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  11. Middle Ages tech support http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=LRBIVRwvUeE Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
  12. Like I don't have a problem with abortion, not that I am gung ho for it, but realistically what you are saying is that one should be able to kill a baby at full term, I can't see that makes sense it that e.g. I would hardly think you would be for allowing cat and dog owners to pour petrol over their pets and set them on fire, and it just does not make sense to me that a baby is nothing till it comes out of the Womb. Best and Warm Regards Adrian Wainer
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