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  1. i am eager for the 49 a month for 15 megs down and 2 megs up. good to know my county is verizon territory as well
  2. i'm just tired of the crap upload and "not with us" fee's. i cant wait.
  3. where can i check to see if ADSL2 is coming to my area? FIOS is in 3 counties in new york, but i think all 3 are near nyc i'm near rochester/buffalo
  4. I'm really peeved at time warner. I have FREE basic cable in my area, and i want to get RR premium (8000/570) but because i don't have cable with them, they want to charge me 89.95 a month. if i had their cable, they said i'd only pay 65. I cannot WAIT for FIOS, I'm tired of their ridiculous fees and crappy upload, just because there are no other cable providers. I am in rochester, ny area btw.
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