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  1. I'm fully aware what you are trying to say and I almost agree. I've played with UNIX since 1986 (MicroVAX, VAX/VMS)...before some here were even born. Question : Why should a common PC-user know how the operating system works (on binary level) if he/she is not an OS developer ? One fact : I know numerous Linux users who are just using the GUI...just like most are using Windows. They know nothing about coding their Linux. I know many Windows users too. Some of them are actually coding a little...on both platforms. So there is nothing indicating that using Linux makes you more clever or intellectual than using Windows. On the contrary sometimes... If you can't get Windows as secure as Linux, it's YOUR problem. Not my. P.S. Linux is NOT UNIX...
  2. ...and bull****... Vista (both versions) will update correctly as long as you don't mess up with all kind of crap tweaking and useless experiments. If it does not then you know who to blame... You are correct when you say there are not many improvements visible when updating Vista. That is rather natural when you have a good OS to start with...unlike Linux
  3. I know this, more than well, and I didn't even say that there is some cap. I wrote that there is no point getting superfast connection service only for the exitement of having one and because "they sold it cheap..". I did exaggerate on some parts for a reason... Sure...they offer free games too...( this gategory motherboard are free today if you know where to go and get them..) So, you are trying to say that it's a kind of a "feature" when client MUST tweak and search (for rest of his/hers life..) to get almost the speed they have bought ? They should stalk the right moment with their tweaked and twisted protocol to get the adverticed speed for just a short moment of download... Do you really say that it's advisable to use both LANs on dual GBit motherboard for downloading ? Well, be my guest... I've had dual GBit motherboards for years (like on this Maximus Formula) and other gear that should give the speed it's advertized to give. The true speed of HW is not directly related to the text saying what it's hoped to be. This has been tested during several years on multiple setups and methods. I have seen the light.... Really...what kind of network do you have inside the university ? Internet ? True, on special network setups you can naturally get top speeds. How many average home users do have such connection type to net ? Not many. I didn't know that this site is only for students that are using direct connections to mainframe... In other words, mostly you don't have stable speed. I'm on 40/2 and I get 21 300Kbit/s +- 2000 (about 2.7 MB/s) down as average. That is as "stable" as it can be but that's INSIDE country. I don't get that if I download from Australia or Siberia. If you get occassionally 2.8 MB/s (which is over the 24/2.5 theoretical speed..), that's ok, but that is not the speed you can call stable. That's only a random burst speed. The real misinformation is when someone is trying to convince someone else that it is natural to get 90% of advertized speed on any pile of crapware. No matter of distances etc. I would call it a fraud. P.S. If it's somehow limited or forbidden to write negative (the real world..) things here then I'm really sorry. I guess you have to ban me.
  4. Boosting cable speed on FAST services is NOT possible past certain speeds and setups. Someone wrote . Well, not quite so... Someone should also tell that nothing can be done if you have one regular PC connected to cable service >20Mbit/s. You will NEVER get 90% of the advertised speed, never. No matter what kind of modem or the rest of your rig you have. If you could plug your PC directly to main fiber you still wouldn't get the full speed. That is because "PC" can handle fairly small amount of data internally. In other words : The maximum "speed" of PC:s data handling is lower than the speed of the cable input. Even if you own fairly hi-end PC (will cost more than pocket money..) you will never get the full (DOWNLOAD) speed. There is nothing you can do about it ---> No need (no rational reason) to buy >20Mbit/s service. The full speed of fast cable service is in use when you have 2 or more HIGH QUALITY PC:s, for example, doing downloading. This is the only way to benefit from services over 20Mbit/s. (And you don't have to tweak...). P.S. Well assembled PC (made from quality components..) can handle data maybe at the speed of 20..30Mbit/s MAX (depends greatly what hardware / software is used..).
  5. ...and this is fairly low result...usually working quite good but for some reason shows always lower than average when I test here. Oh..cable 40/2 (and naturally the maximum speed per one PC is between 20..30 because of the "clever" design of motherboards...). I have 2 WS:s so when doing whatever internet related, I always get what WS can process (downloads..).
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