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  1. I had old wiring . It got replaced and nothing has changed other than that . My modem is the same and in the same spot but my Son complains about his xbox . My ISP says they cannot guarantee wireless speeds , only wired. I get roughly 10-11 mbps wired. He gets maybe 2-3 wireless so not much difference for him only me.. He's so mad. He thought it would be better with the new wiring.
  2. The first pic is a self portrait in my mirror. We love Toads! The Male Luna Moth was found in a neighbors yard by my Daughter. Self Portrait My Daughter, Sarah trying on Antique Glasses at the Museum where I volunteer. I am surprised they let her! One of two paintings at the Museum which was formerly a Bank . My Son, Sam Been a while since I was in here. Hope to be in more!
  3. Is it anything like this Noobie111? http://www.testmy.net/forum/general-discussion/help-with-youtube-viewing/msg319307/#msg319307
  4. I kept hitting my puter with scan after scan and after using A-square twice for some DEEP scans , I not only got You tube playing perfectly, but my friends pic is viewable in YIM chat box again. I will have to remember that if it happens again.
  5. The game is called "Pet Pals...new leash on life" and I cannot uninstall Flash as it isn't in my computer anywhere, I even looked for it in the run> regedit menu. Nothing. I run scans right after my Son brought the problem to my attention as well and just pulled out some cookies is all. <shrugs>
  6. I downloaded a CD-Rom game for my daughter and afterward hours later as my Son got on Youtube, he complained of his screen being unviewable. It has been like this for a week and if I am lucky, certain times, I can get a vid to play with no problem. But for the most part, they either look like the first one or totally obscured. I have asked around and no one else seems to have the problem with Youtube. I tried to install flash player to no avail. It wouldnt register. And even tried system restore and it didnt work. Any ideas what the problem is ??
  7. Dammit, Coknuck, I hate it when I get Rickrolled! YES I am spoiling it for others too. Dont click it!! On Shug's homepage, where it says, "Search Something!" I typed in 'Shug' .
  8. I asked for a Christmas Miracle and got P E A C E. Just inner peace. It was just what I needed . Thanks God.
  9. How is that mailorder bride coming along? or did Roco's package arrive?
  10. My newest pic Do I look like a college student? I start January 6th..YAY me! I am going for my RN license.
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