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  1. I had old wiring . It got replaced and nothing has changed other than that . My modem is the same and in the same spot but my Son complains about his xbox . My ISP says they cannot guarantee wireless speeds , only wired. I get roughly 10-11 mbps wired. He gets maybe 2-3 wireless so not much difference for him only me..  He's so mad. He thought it would be better with the new wiring.

  2. The first pic is a self portrait in my mirror.

    We love Toads!

    The Male Luna Moth was found in a neighbors yard by my Daughter.

    Self Portrait

    My Daughter, Sarah trying on Antique Glasses at the Museum where I volunteer. I am surprised they let her!

    One of two paintings at the Museum which was formerly a Bank .

    My Son, Sam

    Been a while since I was in here. Hope to be in more!








  3. I downloaded a CD-Rom game for my daughter and afterward hours later as my Son got on Youtube, he complained of his screen being unviewable. It has been like this for a week and if I am lucky, certain times, I can get a vid to play with no problem. But for the most part, they either look like the first one or totally obscured. I have asked around and no one else seems to have the problem with Youtube. I tried to install flash player to no avail. It wouldnt register. And even tried system restore and it didnt work. Any ideas what the problem is ??

  4. well to get back on to the post ur mug thing....this is with my webcam on laptop so its not 10mega pixel like my camera, but deal with it...and i just got home from a bad day at work so i dont look so happy :P  :2funny:

    Is it just my imagination and fixation with beards, or are you growing one too , Ryan? Wish I could get rid of mine. Just kidding.........been one of those nights where I am just waking up and in a silly mood !!! :laugh::cheesy:
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