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  1. Can any body seend me link for download software for canopy(pkg3 or pkg2) for OFFLINE update
  2. Who can give me link for download UPADETE pakages (pkg3)
  3. What is that http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/329/beznaslovack0.jpg Can I use that? I am very very comfused! Can you send me your MSN mail on PM
  4. and I missed a very outstanding information: I using internet with 768/192kbps. How i can set largest upload
  5. This is my configuration: can you help me now?
  6. You dont understand me. My canopy is limited to 512 kb because i dont have floating license. How i can set more speed? I saw on screenshot from this forum look like this the speed is locked to 1500kb
  7. I cant find any thing! Can you give me link or send me your MSN to PM.
  8. Yeaa! I accessed to my Canopy Settings (my canopy is Lite SM) And when i want to speed up my net I am saw that in QoS: Sustained Uplink Data Rate: 256kbps (range 0-500) Sustained Downlink Data Rate: 256kbps (range 0-500) Uplink Burst Alocation: 768kbps (range 0-768) Downlink Burst Alocation: 768kbps (range 0-768) Other is disabled and set to 0. How i can set large speed or this Canopy cant be beater. I need quick replay
  9. I try that but not work. My server can access on Canopy, but he is I cant. Can i access with Motorola ''DEFAULT PLUG''. If i can, where I can buy original ''Default Plug'' Or where i can find RJ12 with 6 pin
  10. More INFO: 1-The my computer and Canopy is connected over 8-pin cable 2-Conopy is from Motorola 3-I try all tutorial on this forum, but i can't open Smart Bro( I not try with that http://www.testmy.net/t-18617.0 Does this help me ??? Sry for bad ENG.
  11. Admins can you move this topic to SMART Bro. I am new there and i not see that. Thanks
  12. My problem is next , i am using wireless internet , i am connnecting on AP via Canopy . but befere they offer me to use internet i must login. How I can access to Smart Bro with this connection.
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