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  1. What does it mean when the technicians of smartbro says you have low power? They are advising me to add another 10ft pole to my existing 20ft pole. that would be another 680 pesos for them. Are there other ways I could increase my power? This could lessen the request timed outs I keep getting. thanks.
  2. I am pinging the ip address of smart bro where my base station is.
  3. Greetings. I am monitoring smart bro's and I always get a lot of request timed outs, sometimes runs to more than 10 times. Is there a way to eliminate this skips or timed outs? Thanks.
  4. Hello guys. I need some help with my smart bro connection. SMart Bro installed their connection on my laptop.Everything is ok but when i transferred their cable to my desktop, I could not surf the net. It just says DNS error or stuff like that. I could connect to their portal and to the canopy page. My only problem is I could not surf the net. I need help in setting up to my desktop. Thanks guys.
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