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  1. Thanks guys. I suppose it could be the cards, there was a good 3 or 4 months between purchases. If this is the case it is extremely lame... But hopefully it Isn't!!??
  2. hi I have an 'up to' 2 megabyte internet connection to which two macbooks are connected via wifi. Each has a windows xp partition, from which i have found (from the wifi properties in the toolbar) that one runs at 108kbs/s, whereas the other only reaches 54kbs/s. The lag is really noticeable in the latter, even when just browsing webpages, and it often cuts out. I've tried all i can think of and am beginning to wonder whether there's some fine detail I'm overlooking. What is going on!!!??? My router is a netgear super wireless ADSL DG834GT I have a dynamic ip address My speedt
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