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  1. I will remember what I did but I wish I had a better understanding of what went wrong in the first place. Maybe the power outage damaged the modem or did it just lose its configuration and couldn't get it restored until I keyed in the proper coordinates? Thanks for the support!
  2. I think I did that this morning via the console, I think they have it automated, they call it a "swap". At any rate the new modem is registered now and working. I did not have to repoint the dish after all. I had a minor brainstorm. In going through the registration process again I thought about the fact that the process plugs in your coordinates using a zipcode database, although there is an option to enter them manually. Well I live outside the city limits and my position is about 8 miles from the zipcode centroid. Using Garmin Mapsource I obtained the exact coordinates for my house and plug
  3. The new modem will not register. The Antenna Pointing test fails. Possible Gustav's 90 mph winds moved it. I am going to try to move it it small increments and see waht happens.
  4. It's here. I am reading the 66 page instruction manual now. I will post up when I complete the installation and commissioning. If I pull this off I think I will see if I can get a job as an installer
  5. I am thinking if it was a server problem that there would be more customers complaining here or other forums. Also the fact that it work well when it is not going through a reset cycle suggests the system is intact. At any rate, somebody at tech support seems to think the problem is a bad modem. I just hope he's right and the new one arrives soon. Here is some info from the reset logs, the logs for Tuesday and Wednesday are identical, 8 resets each day and each one says the same thing: Reset Type: Valid Software Reset Reset Reason: New software downloaded. Current image 5.3.
  6. I don't like hearing that! You are re-inforcing my fears that Hughesnet tech support is clueless.
  7. While waiting for my replacement HN7000S I discovered the reset log. The modem keep resetting itself due to a software download. BTW, The software currently loaded is a version earlier than the one it was installed with. Apparently the software update does not work so the NOC keeps re-downloading it and when the download finished the modem resets. Does this make sense?
  8. That could be it. I have no idea where the servers are located but the damage was pretty widespread. Anyway, after a 3rd call to tech support, I got transferred to a higher up tech and he is having a new modem sent out.
  9. My My HN7000S was without power for 5 days due to the widespread power outage caused by Hurricane Gustav. When I finally got power back the modem would work only intemittently; specifically for about 8 to 12 minutes then stop. The modem power light was blinking continuously while it was working: "The POWER LED is normally solid blue when the unit is powered. A blinking POWER LED indicates the HN7000S is either not commissioned or has lost its configuration" from the System Control Center HELP. The System Control Center also shows an system status problem (big red button) and says: "Your H
  10. Hi. I just subcribed and would like to ask where best to ask for help. Which forum for a question about Hughesnet HN7000S? That forum does not seem to have a lot of recent posts, would it be better to post in Help or General? Thanks!
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