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  1. Sorry, but you should do some poking around online yourself. 1. If you want to vote for obama and have $8 a gallon gas go for it. - MCcain is a Republican, Republicans love big buisness. It's called trickle down economics. Republicans don't want cheap gas, cheap gas doesn't make big buisness billions. They can drill to their hearts content, your never getting cheap gas again. Your screwed either way. 2 If you want to vote for obama and have 40% capital gains tax go for it. - The average american doesn't does not pay capital gains tax. The average american does not have a 20 million stock portfolio. If your rich, your screwed. If your middle class, you win. Average american wins. 3. If you want to vote for obama and make over $250K a year and want to pay even more tax go for it. - 90% does not of america does not make over 250K per year. Once again the average american wins. How does this make him the anti christ. 4. If you own a small business, and you want obama, god help you. - If you own a small buisness, nothing will change unless your bring home is over 250k. If you do, your not hurting anyway. Democrats have always given more money to small buisness, look at the Clinton era. Big buisness got taxed, small buisness got breaks so they could get bigger and be taxed later. Either way small buisness will not gain or lose. In the end, nothing changes. You vote Republican, you get trickle down tax breaks for the rich. You vote Democrat, little guy gets the tax breaks. No one has proven either is better. The question is, which one will survive a global economy when most our money is flowing over seas. Cheers.
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