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  1. Just an update on those with 1MBps Aggregate speed Canopy's. I don't think that by just updating your firmware will make your Agregate speed up to 7MBps. as I see it 5700SM is Canopy and 5760SM is Canopy Lite which was the norm that they installed these day. Also even if you manage to get that 7MBps aggregate speed you will be tied to the 384 or 512 capped by the prism or BAM (Bandwith Allocation Management) software of Smart. the only use of updating firmware is like what extreme fusion says in the first post that he get frustrated with the dropping connection that he took updating the canopy by himself.
  2. Is this is for the Canopy based one or the new plug it type. 1.8MBps can not be achieved by Canopy lite SM but with the HSDPA one with plug-it ones it is possible.
  3. I'm interested in this Because if we succeed in converting SM to AP's there are lots of SM out there and even converting lite to advantage ones. I think their board are all the same so if we could just built a flasher like in the cellphones shop we can modify one i think.
  4. Just an update, what happened do you succeed in your conversion of SM to AP?
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