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  1. but I must wonder why this all matters to you so much .if you do not think direcway gives you acceptable service then go to another provider .I am not going to apologise for being happy with my account .and as far as far as my performance I can post a plethera of tests to prove my download speeds on the mac and even on the pc now.but even the tests that I did run on this site before the pc was repaired were above what Direcway promises

  2. all I can say is for what I use it for it is better than needed .if we had a better cable company here I might feel differently but I am completely satisfied with my DirecWay account .I have had broadband in some form since 1999 so I have had good providers and bad and although DirecWay may not be perfect it serves me well

  3. I have no problem with people complaining about service they pay for .but even when my wifes computer was loaded with trojans and spyware dway still delivered better on average then our cable account .and my computer has always exceeded what was promised when I got satellite by about double(500k promised) although if qwest would pull there head out and make DSL available on my side of town I would seriously consider them as a satellite replacement

  4. But the value of any service has to be judged on more than one thing.true at times Comcast was as much as twice as fast as dway but the treatment and shear Arrogance of Comcast makes the switch well worth it .and between the hours of 4:00 pm and midnight my cable connection was at a crawl.if I cared about online gaming it would be different but since I use this connection mostly for work it suits me fine?~dwayspeed2.JPG&secure=72223

  5. I seem to hear such bad things on here about DirecWay but I had Comcast and it was down twice as much as dway + although it was fast some of the time during peak hours it was only 200k download and 80k upload . even with the DW 6000 I am always above a 1000 k down and 124 up .also when I did have a couple of days that dway did not work when I called they took off half of my bill .and with the contract I signed they can not raise my rates and in only the last 12 months Comcast went up 5 times here in albuquerque atleast on my bill. and if you called to complain about service they would never credit my bill so dway may not be for everyone but I think it is great ......

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