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  1. Hi all. I've noticed lately that it takes quite a while for me to have an internet connection. When I open my router and plug my smartbro adapter I notice rapid blinking on the WAN port of my router, it stops for a few seconds then blinks rapidly again. But when I plug the cable directly to my PC I get instant connection. At first I thought it was my router but when I tried to change my color code then plugged the cable to my router the rapid blinking is gone and I get instant connection. I could just stick to the colorcode (238) which gives me instant internet access but the problem is it doe
  2. Oopps, I mean testmy.net would "not" let me down. Sorry couldn't find the edit button.
  3. A smartbro tech came here to check my connection. When he left I can't access my canopy anymore using the method. Of course testmy.net would let me down hehehe following the steps in one of the threads here I was able to access it again (using the way). When I checked my canopy settings, I noticed that my IP address is now set to "public" and the IP address of my canopy is inputed in the box. Questions: 1. Is there any danger my IP address is set as public? 2. If I change my IP to "local" and erase the IP in the box will I be able to access my canopy the old wa
  4. Hi guys,this is my first post here although I'm a frequent visitor of this forum and have gotten a lot of useful tips and tricks. Anyway my problem started about 3 or 4 days ago. I noticed that I get terrible lags from an online game I was playing hen someone from my network starts a browsing session (I have 6 PCs and a smartbro plan 999 384 kbps). Now some might say, "oh 6 PCs for a 384 kbps connection=lags", but I've had this setup for almost 3 years now and this is the first time I've encountered this. Before, I can have all 6 PC's simultaneously play online games and/or browsing and even d
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