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  1. I have been off for a bit to. Been so damn busy the last few weeks!
  2. There is something on the lappy you want to save? On my Satelliet I just deleted all partitions and formattted than re-installed with windows 7. I did that because the recovery partition was with Vista which I hate with a passion and Toshibas OS installs come budled with all types of crap.
  3. They can be tough to convince lol. I would stick with the smp client and not use the V7 as of yet as there are still issues popping up with it. As far as waiting for Ivy I wouldn't bother as there have been some benches popping up around the net from Ivy chips already and they are not showing anything special over the SB. When they are released the prices will be high and SB prices should drop. You are talking about this 3930? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116492 If so that is a beast and OCs well. I am planning a build using that chip as well using watercooling. I haven't completed my parts list yet but I'll post it up a bit later if your interested.
  4. Well just got back after being gone from out of town for christmas and new years. What do i find when I get back? I'm folding for team 33! My buddy who I had housesitting thought it would be funny to get my computers working for his team while I was away...fakker lol. Will get them switched back tomorrow. Hope everybody had great holidays!
  5. Nice Buntz any pics would love to see that. Lian Li makes some sexy cases and with watercooling to boot I'm working on OCing my GTX 550 TI and so far it is at 1040/2070 from 90/2050 I believe. Voltage is still stock at 1.075 and running at a steady 50 Deg C under load. Using MSI afterburner with Kombustor for the OC. So far it looks like this card is capable of a big OC but will see after xmas when I have time to continue
  6. I ordered the mobo for my new rig today the rest needs to wait awhile as funding Santa Claus isn't cheap But soon as I can order the rest we can look forward to a 300k ppd boost yep Tri your ppd is steadily going up and with those added your going to be crunching some serious Wus....WuFactor!
  7. Where are you all? Still waiting for a CA3LE and Tdawnaz arrival as well
  8. Yeah thats a good idea. I didn't click on them after i uploaded them now I see and will fix em up from now on. My paint skills are 0 hehe.
  9. Dec 23 2011 Stats Update First let me say Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all! Stay safe and be smart if you decide to do some partying! We continue to gather speed and climb the rankings and most peoples ppd seem to be climbing a bit. Good Work
  10. lorne

    What's Up?

    Welcome to testmy.net Pgoodwin1!
  11. Overclocking my card tonight So far it looks like its going to OC really nice. I love watching furmark lol.
  12. Awesome welcome to the team EBrown! Those 2 2850 should crunch up WUs pretty good. Look forward to seeing you come up on the stats
  13. Well I tried 7 on my main rig and didn't really like it :/ Lack of features and options on install and it did not want to utilize my card at all, detected it but would not actually use it. Maybe I just been using the console version for so long 7 seems really weird to me. Think I'll give it a bit more time before I try again. Under the hood is my main computer which is a phenom quad (only 1.8ghz) with that fermi card. Than there is the Dell Power Edge 1u server (2x dual core opterons at 2ghz i believe). That server only runs during the day as the girlfriend doesn't like the noise at night. Than there is a lappy not even sure what it has besides being a dual core. I have been planning a build for feb-march and had originally planned to go sandybridge and water for OCing but changed my mind and going to go with a FAH twist that will ensure I can fold the big adv WUs post february when the requirements change to a much more commercial style. Once I have it solid I'll post but from other people I have talked to running this setup I expect aibout 280k-300k ppd. That will give us a heck of a boost and it turns out actually being a bit cheaper than the 2k I originally planned on spending
  14. Awesome! Well I enjoyed a few days of the top producer guess its time to hand over the keys to the kingdom !!
  15. Team is still picking up steam with you guys adding more power great work! We are starting to climb back up the rankings at a pretty good speed now. One bonus for me is all my computers are in the basement which can get a bit chilly in the winter. With FAH going 24/7 my feet stay nice and toasty. I don't even have the heaters turned on Dec. 19th stats
  16. Yeah the 17th was a big day! That card really pumps em out. I haven't had a chance to overclock it yet so looking forward to seeing how that goes. I'll do it slowly and make sure it's stable, I will be adding a another rig pretty quick. It's actually a laptop but everything helps Also a Alienware (laptop) being added pretty quick. I have being trying to post stats updates but have been very busy the last week or so, so sorry for not being consistent there. Crunch on!
  17. Damn I am going to have to add another rig to keep up with you!
  18. Well I usually never buy pre-built as building your own makes way more sense. But a year ago my rig was stolen so I broke down and bought a Acer x3200 as I was short on cash. A few weeks ago the PSU went poof so I went and picked up a coolermaster 500W for it. Than the fan died on the piece of crap video card so time to replace it. The problem is the x3200 is a mini PC so nothing fits....time for surgery!! Here it is getting ready to get cut up. See how big the new PSU looks next to it Here is the difference between the old and new card hehe. Here I have taken out the 15 in 1 card reader and taken the power switch apart and off the case (that was a pain in the ass). Humpty dumpty fell off the wall and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put humpty dumpty together again. And here is how it sits now. Not pretty but it works well and that card is ripping along great with FAH. Supposedly it OCs great so will try that today. It stays steady at 44 Deg C with FAH running so room to OC. Fans a little loud but not too bad. I need to build a cabinet for my slowly growing FAH farm as all the fans are getting noisy. Maybe in the spring!
  19. That new FAH client looks awesome! I think I'll give it another month or so before I switch to let them squish a few more bugs though. Thanks Blako! I just installed a new vid card on this computer (buying it was mainly for folding lol) so that is going to give a nice boost in points. I am going to OC it today to get all I can from it. Nice crunching guys
  20. Stats Update for Dec. 11th 2011. We are holding our own and production is slowly but surely climbing I'll be adding another computer tomorrow to help the cause. Keep em crunching!
  21. I am having some ISP issues so I am on and off. Talking to tech support now (like beating my head on a donkeys ass) so hopefully soon will have it sorted.
  22. You don't need to register mIRC they just made it seem like you need to. Mine is 600 days past and works fine they have made the continue button so it stays greyed out longer. If you wait a little the button will become active and you can continue. Occasionally it will not let you but this is rare and you just need to restart mIRC and it will let you continue.
  23. Look like your doing great to me Tri The main thing with [email protected] is consistency and following through with what you start. I see a life lesson here but maybe I'm just spouting
  24. Whispers of March around the OC communities but we'll see. Honestly for a laptop from what I have seen the ivybridge is not going to bring anything that makes it worth waiting for unless you want to OC or benchmark. The leap in transistor technology makes it potentially the best overclocking cpu of all time but we'll have to see on that.
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