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  1. Thanks. We found out two days ago that it wasn't going to work. Now hopefully i can try to return the vonage and not take a huge hit in the pocket book.
  2. well i just found out why hughes net and wild blue both seem to have the same type of speed problems. They are owned by the same company. I checked again to see if there were any companies offering wireless in my area and nope. This really is a major bummer.
  3. We have a lot of different wireless cell companies in springfield. My husband and i are going through verizon prepaid wireless. When we bought the phones we only thoughth we'd have to use them for every day usage for a short time. Mainly we bought them so that we could just be able to talk with each other when he is at work or school. I guess if hughes net is just as bad then we are going to have to keep at wildblue to give us our monies worth.
  4. No. We actually live in between two towns and are actually considered to be in the smaller town. The larger town has more to offer but when we call them of course they tell us that they can't help us and we'd have to stick it out with sbc. UGH!
  5. sbc/at&t is the only phone service provider and after paying a hundred dollars a month for just their services, not including any long distance charges we've had enough. I got vonage because i wanted the whole package without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Hehe, yeah we figured out that if the upload isn't fast enough it wasn't going to work. What the service tech at wildblue told us was that because we had the cheaper package we were getting enough upload so we bumped it up to the next one which is 59$ a month and he supposedly flipped a switch and let a little more juice come our way. UM NO! After testing it not only here but on www.speedtest.net i know for a fact that it is just barely above what dial up is. I am an online student and my husband is a nursing student so we need the internet. UGH what a mess.
  6. Unfortunately we live out in the boonies and are only other choice is to see about hughesnet. I would really like to use my already paid for vonage and there is no way that i am paying wildblue more money just so that they can sit there and do nothing.
  7. We recently had wildblue installed (and that was a pain in the butt by itself). We were used to dial up and really didn't know that our speed wasn't what it was supposed to be until we got vonage. We called vonage and they tweaked it as much as they could but then we had to call stupid wildblue who told us that we'd have to go up in pkg price to get more of an upload and download speed. GRRRRRR! Okay so we moved up in price but gee we are not getting the speed that we paid for yet which really ticks me off because we only have our prepaid cellphones to call these stupid ppl to get this fixed. If anyone here can help me out please tell me that these people can fix this problem without charging me for something they should've already fixed!
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