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  1. Interesting ideas. I would probably have a learning experience by looking closely at the drives. It would be nice to know what this is all about. I am not convinced that I have the skill to find out. I did think about emailing my isp about it but I do not know what in the world would tell them. And, yes, I am concerned that this machine is now being used to "do stuff" without my consent.
  2. Just as an update: My computer now seems to make connections to several different places even when I have nothing running that should open an internet connection. I am going to assume that some sort of nasty got in that may have been spoofing the DoD's IP or that it may be the DoD doing a wonderful job of keeping us all safe by messing with my little home computer which has never done anyone any harm. Either way, since I get nothing with virus scan I am going to swallow hard and nuke and pave the drives and start all over. Heck, I do not even use file sharing or bit torrent and I do not download music or movies except from very legal sites. I just do not like the idea of my computer making connections that I know nothing about and do not intend. What a huge freaking hassle. See ya later...
  3. I had made some changes to computers that I bought in the past and just recently built this one as a sorta "Frankenstein" from some old and new parts. It was fun do it myself and I think I learned a bit by doing it. I do not think that I can build a computer cheaper than one could buy a computer, but maybe build one with better quality components for cheaper than one could buy a really top of the line rig. I am not really a geek, but I have somewhat geekish tendancies in my hobbies and I have enjoyed building this machine and I think that it is well worth the effort for anyone who wants to learn a little about how these amazing machines that we take so for granted work and are put together.
  4. Peer Guardian looks like it would be useful for a windows computer. This one does not run windows.
  5. It is past noon my time and on a day off that means time for a beer. There will no doubt be time to worry later... ...or not, which is always the other possibility
  6. ooops sorry for the double post.
  7. Uhh... Thanks Mister Troll; I do need to lighten up a bit.
  8. Thanks mister troll. I do need to lighten up a bit.
  9. Thanks Blunted. I am not really sure what to do with those addresses.
  10. Thanks Blunted. I took a look at those. Should i just blacklist all those? I am not sure what to do with that info. I am afraid that I know just enough about computers to be a danger to my own machines, lol.
  11. I am wondering if I should just bring sshd back up and then let "them" take a good look around if they want. I could generate a new key pair, although I am thinking that would not stop the likes of what got in already.
  12. One of our cats made a noise by the door a few minutes ago and, fighting a sudden urge, I peeked outside but the FBI was not there.
  13. Thanks for the reply SteveH11. All I had wanted was a way to get files from my home computer every now and then while I am at work and so I set up what I thought, from what little I know, was a reasonable way to do that securely. I really do not know what to think now.
  14. So when I woke up this morning I went to the computer to check email etc.
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