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  1. The hole is gone now... Back to 384kbps
  2. tawag ka sa TSR ng smart at sabihin mo congested na yung basestation nyo. ireklamo mo yung mga speedtest mo etc at aayusin kaagad nila yan. dapat medyo bossy ang dating mo. hehe This is an English speaking forum, thanks
  3. there is a way to know if your account has been upgraded. First, go to your OLD portal page. portal dot smartbro dot net then look at the transaction history then look at the packagename and confirm it if it is wr512 if it its, then congratulations!
  4. Thanks guys! I have read thi one for a whole day and well, it was worth it... I havent tried the 20 steps yet... and I'm going to test it tom. hahaha
  5. mine already got 1.1 Mbps pero na refresh ko.
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