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  1. the smartbro customer service rep said your speed was slow because there were a lot of users, that is true. in the canopy evaluation page there's a provision that says SectorUserCount. It shows how many users are online at the same access point / base station that you are homed.

    take a look at the example, the SectorUserCount is in red.


    Index: 0 Frequency: 5735.00 MHz ESN: 0a-00-3e-xx-xx-xx Other (RC: 1 CC: 0)

    Jitter: 1 RSSI: 1495 Power Level: -59 Beacon Count: 17 BRcvW: 1 FECEn: 0

    Type: Multipoint Avail: 1 Age: 0 Lockout: 0 RegFail 0 Range: 2842 feet TxBER: 1 EBcast: 1

    Session Count: 1 NoLUIDS: 0 OutOfRange: 0 AuthFail: 0 EncryptFail: 0 Rescan Req: 0

    FrameNumber: 177 SectorID: 1 Color Code: 31 BeaconVersion: 1 SectorUserCount: 1

    NumULHalfSlots: 18 NumDLHalfSlots: 55 NumULContSlots: 3


    How can i see my SectorUserCount?n  :buck2:

  2. Can i ask how to tweak in canopy and what will i do to have a better speed? Newbie here...  :?:


    Please don't post links or banners from that site, they have been banned for spamming this site. Thanks  :)

    Welcome to testmy.net, there are many, many people from smartbro that will help you on your problems.

    Canopy tweaks and just using proxy.smartwifi.com.ph in mozilla.

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