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  1. helow everyone i'm very confused with what's going on here.. if i try to ping , the response is very good (5ms-10ms) but i wonder why the internet speed is slow.. i have to use proxy to increase the speed a bit (sometimes the proxies are down though).. is there a solution for this kind of issue? i use nod32 n have scanned my computer, and only 1 file has been infected and cleaned..
  2. how about vista user? my os is vista...
  3. hey, i want to use proxy too if it enhanced my speed... may i have u teach me? btw, if i do 20coolbuster steps now, will it still take effect? because u posted it 1 year agoo...
  4. why my internet is now not fast for downloading and for browsing? mine is only 165Kbps.. but i ping and i have a good respond (time=5ms to 9ms only)... but for online gaming it's very good, no delay or lagging (for playing dota<garena> and perfect world).. usually with this current condition, i'm supposed to have a good speed in browsing/download/buffering.. this happened since there's problem w/ previous base station i used to connect to, so now i change my color code.. any solution with this kind of issue?? pls guide me what i should do..
  5. i tried changing the color code,, but it always appear a message saying "a new configuration has been detected, pls call smartbro hotline".. (this message appear when in the old portal version).. i called smartbro hotline and it was a success.. i could access internet again.. now the portal has been changed to a new one.. and i wanna change the color (base station) to a better one.. but now the message is saying "error code 40100 is encountered, pls call smartbro hotline, and i called smartbro hotline but unfortunately after they told me to test the connection i still couldn't reactive my account.. and they said a report has been made and pls monitor your connection.. but untill now i still cannot change the color.. is there anyway to solve this without relying on smartbroken customer service?? thx for the help
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