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  1. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 19293 Kbps about 19.3 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 2355 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2008/02/08 - 4:22am Bottom Line:: 336X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.43 sec Tested from a 12160 kB file and took 5.163 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 316.52 % faster than the average for host (bresnan.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-53N742BZF User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; InfoPath.2) [!]
  2. What I want to know is why American (and others) cars so bad on fuel mileage? Why can't they give our cars better mileage without giving us some funky ass looking cars?
  3. It's not ugly, it's well built, secure, EASY to use and you can customise the display if you don't like how it looks. It's better than SMF which is pretty basic and generic looking.
  4. Hey Cable, why don't you switch TMN over to something like Vbulletin? I run a site with 30k members, 900k posts and 60k threads, it's great software for forums like these, never have any problems, it's worth the money. Just a suggestion.
  5. Anyone who knows how to read this stuff, is my signal any good? The line to my modem is split twice before it hits my modem. Downstream Frequency 111000000 Hz Locked Signal to Noise Ratio 34 dB QAM 256 Power Level -12 dBmV Upstream Channel ID 4 Frequency 22000000 Hz Ranged Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s Power Level 49 dBmV
  6. It's not a scam, i hate it when people put comments out and they don't know wtf they're talking about. I've gotten a PSP through this mysellf so I can assure you it's not a scam.
  7. Firefox was and is extremely overrated. Glad you found something you like.
  8. I say good for him, he's making good money and legally. If people are too stupid to do some research or save up their money then let them spend $2,000+ Too bad I didn't think of something like this.
  9. I have the same router and it's only caused me problems. The first issue I had was that only certain websites worked at a normal speed, but then some websites I could only download at like 14kb/s..I seemed to fix that by updating to the latest firmware. Also my speeds in general have gone down dramatically after installing this router, I turned off the wireless since I'm wired, but I don't know how to configure this thing to optimize the speed. How can I do this?
  10. I've had lingo for the last 4 months and everything has gone great. From all the bad comments I've read on the internet about them, I expected terrible service. The only thing I can say I dislike is there is a approx 1 second delay when talking to someone on the phone and sometimes it makes it hard to talk to someone. I'm not sure if that's from my internet or just because of their service...either way it doesn't really matter since it's only 22 dollars a month, I can deal with that. If your the type of customer that needs pampering and constantly on customer support for every little thing...VOIP probably isn't for you!
  11. Only logs I see in the routers config page is incoming/outgoing and it only shows this: LAN IP
  12. Also, forgot to mention that I don't experience any speed issues while downloading through FTP on this site, it only affects my browsers (IE7 Beta and Firefox)
  13. I recently purchased a Linksys WRT54G router, I'm not using it as a wireless..I'm using it to share a connection with my other pc through ethernet cable.
  14. ^ As far as I know, the files are sent through the AIM servers...thats why the upload speeds are so slow.
  15. Thanks for the DL, but it says on startup that it cannot connect to server to activate my account Did you need to give them any information to download this? Edit: Nevermind, google or someone has disabled any new software installations from connecting to their servers, guess i have to wait From their support site: "Due to huge demand (even compared to my own aggressive estimates), the Google Earth free download and activations have been temporarily disabled. If you are running Google Earth on your machine, it will continue to work, but you won't be able to install it on a different machine. If you have access to the installer and try to run it for the first time, it will tell you that "the beta is full, come back in 24 hours". Good advice. We're working on increasing capacity and throughput and want to make sure that everyone who does have it (especially the paying customers) has a good experience. Performance should be significantly better now. If you are a paying subscriber, running Google Earth Plus/Pro should give you a significant network boost over Keyhole 2. Please give it a try as, even though it is beta software, it is quite stable." thanks for the hookup though guys
  16. thanks, i've been here for a few months at least...dunno what happend to the posts i had though, but it was more than 1
  17. ok thanks, i dont see an attachment anymore..i guess you're uploading to ftp?
  18. organ shifter, can you post the exe so we can download it? Google says its only in beta right now and the download is unavailable. Or my AIM is krzyst1 if you dont mind.
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