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  1. So nothing will really happen if I change my Color Code?,, I mean, Smartbro cannot detect it?..
  2. Is it true that if you change the color code, your canopy will be blocekd..? or will smart detect it?
  3. Do not try to circumvent the censor. This is the only warning I will give for this. I know what is being done here and I will ban the whole island if I have too. Again this is the only warning. Shug7272
  4. What experiment did you do? Have you tried testing your speed in the afternoon or evening??
  5. Ah.. magkaiba tau ng settings sa QOs.. Ung uplink and Dlink ang maximum is 1500 lang..
  6. wow.. hehe.. have you checked the settings in your canopy in Qos?.. is the upload set to very high.?? I dont know actually, and its weird.. by the way, if you move the antenna, thats the time the base station will change and the color code also will change.. depends, on how many smart base station you have in your place..
  7. the best way I think is contact smartbro technicians and ask them if they could find a good base station for you and change the color code to be safe..
  8. try checking the jitter level.. it should be atleast 4 or 3 ro more lesser.. if it is higher.. expect a slow connection.. you can only change it if you find a better color code with lesser jitter.. but I think changing the color code will lead to a canopy lock.. im not sure..
  9. Hello there.. I finally manage to access my canopy.. the above guide didnt let me access my canopy.. so heres how I did.. On the Ip address, found in TCP/IP just put and then press tab so that subnet mask address will come automatically.. the click close.. after that, open the notepad that the smartbro technicians made and save there your smartbro log_in account.. then find the ip address that they have included then paste it to the address bar.. thats it.. binggo..
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