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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, what I have is a wireless router, D-Link. The PLDT mydsl will be installed this weekend. Once my new connection is up, I will follow the disk instructions. But if that fails, then you shall see my SOS message posted again I really appreciate your assistance..You are sooo nice and helpful! Thanks a lot!
  2. I think I still have the setup disk...The guy who sold me the router was the same guy who installed it. He said that if I'm changing ISP, a "re-program" is needed and he shall get another PhP 1,500 for such service. I'm not that computer-knowledgeable but I can surely follow instructions. I would really appreciate (free) help right now. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi everyone! I need help... I'm a Smartbro subscriber and presently using a wireless router in order to get connection anywhere in our house for my laptop and PC. Problem is, I'm switching to PLDT mydsl next month and the guy who installed the router is charging me another PhP 1,500.00 (which is way too expensive for me!) to "re-program" the router. Can someone assist and guide me to do it by myself? Pleaassee?!?
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