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  1. hey guys my ISP has now isolated the problem shrouding my connection they now say the firmware on the radio reciever is out of date they say that monday will be the earliest they can be here i downloaded the new firmware version it but its a file that my computer cannot open its a .bin file i dont know what that is lol
  2. Just a Guy from Texas i have a wireless broadband connection its somewhat reliable. I play xbox live and World of Warcraft. I have a basic knowledge of computers and networking.
  3. WHATS UP!! ! ! ! Hey guys I have a MMDS broadband connection i am new to wireless communications seems to be [glow=red,2,300]unreliable[/glow]
  4. i use a MMDS type internet connection i believe it is on a 2.4Ghz band it has become very slow recently any way to suck down more information from it
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